ATEX Air Conditioners

Currently, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury item and has long moved into the category of necessary and useful devices for a comfortable existence of people in a big city and beyond. Climate warming is pushing consumers to think more and more about purchasing a device that can provide coolness in a hot summer, making the air fresh and clean at any time of the year. With the ATEX Air Conditioners this is important now.

But few know how to choose an air conditioner for an apartment, given their great diversity in the climate technology market. To solve this issue, the primary task for the consumer will be to know which air conditioners exist today, their functionality, which manufacturers are trustworthy and, finally, the price range.

Air conditioning for the apartment

Multi-split systems.

The monoblock group includes a window, mobile and those air conditioners that are installed on the roofs of buildings. The name itself “one-piece” says that the cooling device is located in one unit, which is compact and attractive in appearance, due to which its price is reduced, installation is simplified.

Window air conditioners

The group of split systems, which traditionally consist of a pair of blocks, includes such structures as:

  • channel
  • cassette
  • wall and other types.

For living quarters, wall-mounted air conditioners are used, which we will consider if we are interested in the question of which air conditioner to choose in the apartment.

ATEX Air Conditioners

All others are used in industrial and civil buildings

The air conditioner has two units, one of which is located in the apartment, the other, where the compressor is located, which makes a very large nose, is located on the outside of the wall. Both blocks are interconnected by copper tubes, through which freon is distilled, and an electric cable. All types of split-system air conditioners have the same device and vary in the installation location, functionality, cost and appearance.

Split system

Almost all modern air conditioning systems are equipped with a control panel, many have a liquid crystal display, a timer for automatically regulating the operation of the air conditioner according to time, temperature, the direction of the cooled air flows and other things.

Multi-split systems are just a variation of the split systems described above, the main difference is the different number of indoor units. For apartments and houses, such air conditioners are usually equipped with 2-5 units connected to one outdoor unit. A large number of units are already related to industrial multi-conditioning systems. Indoor units can have not only different capacities but also different types of power.

Such systems are attractive in that with such a solution, the facade of the building undergoes minimal changes. The disadvantage of such a climate system is the impossibility of further functioning of the entire device if the outdoor unit breaks down.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-split climate systems, in turn, are divided into typesetting and fixed. If it is possible to add a certain number of indoor units to the typesetting, depending on the required power or the number and size of the rooms, then fixed multi-systems consist of a certain set of internal cooling devices and it is impossible to change their number or type. Such devices belong to the category of households and are usually equipped with 2 or 3 indoor units.

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