An instruction manual for maintaining and cleaning a Browning a5

browning a5

Field stripping the a-5

Roll your cleaning mat out on a durable table and check to make sure the firearm is unloaded and that there are no shells in the magazine tube.

Then, stand your shotgun vertically on the buttplate and pull the barrel down toward the table. Be careful with this progression as the vast majority of the more established browning a5 buttplates were made of buffalo horn and can be fragile with age. The barrel will be hard to pull down because you are attempting to overpower the large backlash spring under the forearm.

With the barrel kept down, unscrew the magazine cap. The cap is detented and will be exceptionally difficult to unscrew in the event that it hasn’t been required apart in a long investment. In the event that you can’t get it by hand utilize a pair of padded or safeguarded pincers.

browning a5

Ease the forearm and barrel off of the mag tube. Prior to eliminating the backlash spring and rubbing rings take an image of the arrangement so you can assemble it back in the same configuration if necessary.

Appropriate care:

The Auto-5 is an entirely reliable shotgun when appropriately cared for. The malfunction that I had that day on the plains of Montana was totally my fault as you’ll see here. The A-5 is in no way, shape or form touchy, yet has a couple of focuses which should be lubricated to guarantee appropriate capacity.

The Barrel Augmentation

A light coat of CLP within and beyond the barrel augmentation will keep it chugging along as expected and lessen long haul wear.

The Magazine Cylinder

As a rule, on the off chance that your A-5 isn’t running as expected the magazine tube lubrication is the offender. The contact rings function as their name suggests, utilizing erosion. To an extreme or insufficient oil changes the amount of grating and will cause work issues. Clean it off and dry, then, at that point, apply an exceptionally light coat of CLP to it. I usually spray it on heavily and then clear the majority of it off. It is great to make a habit of doing this when each hunting season.

Clean the Drag

Grab your drag snake and run it through a couple of times to clean out all of the flotsam and jetsam and fouling.

Rubbing rings

The rubbing rings can be another offender to A-5 not operating flawlessly. Contingent upon what model you have, there are many diagrams available internet-based that tell you the best way to set up your erosion rings. Originally the diagram was stuck inside the forearm, Art’s Gun Shop sells replacements in the event that yours is missing. To lay it out plainly, the erosion rings allow you to adjust for heavy and light loads.


Reassembly is done in the opposite request as field stripping. As you’re pulling the barrel back into the beneficiary, the barrel augmentation necessities to align in the collector to go inappropriately.

Lastly, screw on the magazine cap. You don’t have to torque this part on, hand tight is a lot as it is detented on the forearm. You will have the perfect proportion of strain when the forearm doesn’t move and you can see the barrel expansion looking out of the ejector port.