Android smartphone using in the best writer application.

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Using a manuscript app or word mainframe just won’t cut it if you’re liability heavy-duty inscription on a moveable device. These tools can help whether you have an Android or Apple device.

The Best Mobile Apps for Writers. These tools can help whether you have an Android or Apple device and Mediatek Dimensity 720


a writer is a writing tool that functions excellently on Android and iOS.  iWriter is a simple and elegant text editor. You can check out iWriter subscription pricing here.


Jotterpad makes it possible to convert files from PDF to WORD and some other popular formats. The app supports Markdown. JotterPad supports full Cloud integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Final Draft Writer

Every user can share the final version in many formats. This is the world’s go-to software for screenwriters. Final Draft offers a free trial here.


The writer is the first typewriter software that turns your thoughts into text. This writing application is perfect for taking notes on your phone or tablet. You can download it for free here.

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Lists for Writers

List for Writers helps with research and writing. Students and writers who are working on novels will find this tool very useful. It provides a quick and friendly user format. This writing tool gives you easy access to the program and gives you a list of ideas such as plotlines, character traits, occupations, action verbs, and obsessions. You can even use it offline. You can download it here on IOS or Android for only $2.99.

Index Card

Index Card is a corkboard app that helps you organize and compile your ideas. This tool allows you to use bullet lists to make your craft simple and easy to allocate story elements, characters, backgrounds, and locations. It’s perfect for storyboarding and plotting.


Audible is an application that allows you to listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere you want. You can get a special deal with two free audiobooks from Audible here


Evernote is a mobile application for creating, storing, and searching through notes in a very sophisticated way. The best thing is that you don’t need to type everything manually. You can access all your notes on any of your devices. It allows you to search even the handwritten words and can share it with your friends and family. Evernote is a powerful tool for writers, researchers, and anyone who wants to organize lots of notes and research.


Ulysses is an app that creates a document out of fragments and makes it a complete story. This tool has a feature that inserts words with automatic synchronization, and any programmers would probably love this function. It lets you work anytime and anywhere you want. You can download its 14-day trial here. Check product pricing here.

Text Expander

Text Expander is a tool that saves you time and energy if you have to type the same thing often, like emails or responses to common inquiries. It creates powerful snippets to save your time, and it also styles your snippet text and adds links and images. You can check their pricing plans here. It must be very useful for people.