Chatterbite- A new social media


The human being is a social animal. So, for any human being, it is very usual to interact with other humans for sharing ideas, for gossiping and others.  According to research interacting socially is beneficial for human beings as this is essential for health. Also, research proves that a strong network of interaction boosts the creation of a strong relationship. This will act as a support for both emotional and physical health. Interacting socially is like an important part of an adult’s life. Social media enhance the physical and psychological health of a human. Today for this social interaction, a number of social media sites have been launched. These social media sites or apps include Facebook, Twitter, Chatterbite , LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram and so on.  Like other websites and apps, these social media platforms also plays a pivotal role in sharing and implementing thoughts.  They also play a key role in propagating business. These websites act as chatting tools for a lonely person. Social media like Chatterbite is crucial for all people irrespective of their age. Social media also unite people of different caste, creed, countries, and languages into a single platform. Every social media is different from each other in the aspect of interface and logos and other terms and conditions.

About Chatterbite

Chatterbite is a new social media platform used mainly for chatting purposes. It connects all types of people across the globe in a single chatting platform. It is a bite site (that is very short) app used for propagating business and messaging app. This platform provides also course information and course materials to many users even through other social media websites. It can be an employee learning app.  Through chatting, one can also get aware of the information regarding the latest thoughts on many subjects and also about recent research news.  From learning something to research development, from any methodology to artificial intelligence, one can share any type of information. From any recipe to any idea, chatterbite will help in sharing thoughts. According to, chatterbite ranks 21 among all social media. The webpage of chatterbite is One can post anything on chatterbite and anyone after reading the article can send a reply about it and can join the conversation. For the betterment of any article, one can put suggestions and thoughts to the author. These thoughts will enrich the information of the article in every aspect.  This website merges various ideas on the recent researches that are carried in Science, Technology, Education, Psychology, and also in various subjects. Also, users can post anything regarding any event or news. Thus an American person gets information regarding an Indian festival and also an Indian gets information on an event in the USA.


Other activities

Through chatterbite, one can wish for a certain event to everyone across the globe. For example, if one wishes Happy New Year then it can be seen through the web portal and anyone visited the site can see this. The website uses cookies. By accessing the website, one should accept the cookies. There are many rules and regulations regarding the use of this social media platform. The rules are one cannot republish the articles or any materials which are already published in chatterbite. One cannot sell, rent or even take sub-license of any content. No one can reproduce, duplicate any content of chatterbite. Redistribution of materials is prohibited.