Different Types of Televisions based on TV Technology

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If you would remember, we were changing the model of our old tv with a new upgraded version of a 32-inch tv to a mammoth size of 65 inches tv. This change actually made a huge difference and just for simple fun we also added a bose speaker system. Discover a wide range of Televisions for sale in Kenya to get the best price.  To make it look cool. Nowadays, TVs and technologies related to top Tvs are continuously upgrading. There are different types of TVs nowadays with incredible capacities.

Are you thinking to upgrade to a new Tv? Or do you feel that the old Tv you are using is no more into the trend? gets a new tv every 7 years and this timeframe of buying a new Tv is said to decrease as the technological advancement in Tvs is taking place. When there are a lot of technological advances that are happening it is good that you advance also so that you keep up the trend.

Also, because of the wide range of choices you have, it may be a hard and frustrating experience to choose a Tv and then have a complete understanding of the differences that separate one type of Tv from the other. The decision can be quite tough. Therefore, here we will actually go through each and every type of tv that is available on the market to the trend, and then we will also explain the technology that is behind them. And what type of Tv will suit your type of need?

Discover a wide range of Televisions for sale in Kenya

To quite understand the model of the choices we make today it will be better if we first understand our technological advancements and the mechanism on which the tv operates and how the choices are evolved and on what basis do the common people buy things.

How were televisions invented? How did the first model of television work?

TV was the first advanced in technology that simultaneously allowed viewing the picture and hearing the sound. This was first developed in the year of the 19th century. It was developed in Europe, America, and the Japanese physicist. It took decades for them to find this. The original tv that they found was quoted mechanical and that the meaning is that image that we need to view was completely dependent on the spinning of a disk for viewing.

This kind of mechanical TV was first and foremost commercialized in the year of 1920s. They were basically kind of radios with a spinning disk tv attached. They are well also massive and bulky and also quite heavy. The image that the disk produces was only a really small one therefore there was a requirement for the magnifier to be built inside the system as well. With a resolution of kind of 20 loans of the pixel and one frame refresh rate at a rate of several frames per millisecond, the mechanical televisions that were developed were in a huge need for a new kind of mechanism that will allow to work it automatically and also will make it so popular that it will be kind of audio-video combo. That new technology for developing the tv came in the form of what is called the cathode ray tubes. This consists of a kind of a vacuum with an electronic guy that used for producing the electron beam and a phosphorescent screen on which the electron beam created images.