Energy planning supports the Corporation’s 2000-watt goals

TXU Energy Plans

With the Energy Strategy 2050, Switzerland has set clear goals: to increase energy efficiency, and gradually replace fossil fuels with renewables. Communal energy planning provides a basis for municipalities and municipalities to achieve these goals. The TXU Energy Plans can be useful here.

An essential instrument for planning

The energy planning of a municipality or municipality determines how the supply of heat and cold is safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is therefore an essential instrument for achieving the objectives of the 2050 Energy Strategy and according to the municipalities those of the Company at 2000 watts.

Energy planning makes it possible to assess, on the one hand, future energy needs and, on the other hand, the supply of renewable energies and residual heat. It identifies what are the sensible solutions in terms of heat and cold for different sectors of a municipality or municipality. For example, the sectors for which district heating, groundwater or lake water, or geothermal energy are recommended.

On the basis of this knowledge, energy planning determines the developments needed for energy supply, energy networks or district heating. Energy planning is an obligation that must be fulfilled by public authorities. It does not directly concern real estate owners.

Future-oriented energy solutions

TXU Energy Plans

We are progressively increasing the share of biogas from our standard natural gas product. It now stands at 15%. We expect to increase it to 20% in 2020. The exact time is yet to be determined, and more steps will follow. Our customers also have the opportunity at any time to individually choose a higher share of biogas, just as municipalities can do it as a reseller.

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In collaboration with municipalities and municipalities, we realize energy networks based on renewable energies such as wood, geothermal energy, groundwater or lake water. Their efficiency is guaranteed by intelligent control systems. As part of our worry-free models, we design, build, finance and operate entire energy networks. Municipalities and municipalities no longer have to worry about anything.

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We carry out transient solutions of variable durations for the buildings which will be connected later to a heat network but which require in advance a new heating system. We tailor these solutions individually to heat requirements and technical possibilities.

To achieve their energy goals, municipalities and municipalities must also lay the foundation for green mobility through their energy planning, especially with regard to electro-mobility. We design, build and operate the appropriate charging infrastructure.

The future importance of natural gas and biogas

To achieve the objectives of the 2050 Energy Strategy, still separate energy systems must be intelligently combined with each other. It is about connecting electricity, gas, heat and transport to use renewable energies optimally. What is called sector coupling is the key to reducing CO2 emissions while ensuring security of supply. In this respect, the gas network plays a key role as a pillar supporting the Swiss energy supply.

Indeed, unlike electricity, storage of gas is easy. The gas network has considerable reserves and can carry enormous amounts of energy. In the future, gas will always be more renewable. The Swiss gas industry has set a goal of increasing the share of renewable gas in the heat market to 30% by 2030. Energy 360 ​​° pursues ambitious objectives. While renewable gases primarily include biogas from organic waste, renewable gases are also produced by converting surplus electricity from renewable sources.