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Accelerate the kettlebell on the descent. Gravity is too slow for a revolutionary. With this, we achieve an effect similar to that of depth jump: maximize the ability to absorb elastic energy on the descent, to project it back on the ascent.

Remember that it is power training, not strength. You must print speed to the kettlebell and, for this, it cannot be very heavy. As a general rule, you should not weigh more than 1/3 of your own weight. If you weigh 70 kg, for example, do not use a 24 kg kettlebell. Get the best with the vert shock review now.


The Olympic movements are excellent for improving potency. Its practitioners usually have a good vertical jump, but mastering them is a long process. A good technique requires months of practice, diverting resources from other exercises with more immediate benefits.

If you need to improve your vertical jump in a short time, we recommend focusing on clean, the most accessible Olympic lift, with great transfer to everything that requires hip explosiveness. This study compares several types of clean and concludes that the mid-thigh power clean and the mid-thigh clean pull are the most effective for the objective we pursue: maximum explosive force.

In people with good techniques, the difference will not be relevant but if you need to improve your jump soon, remove barriers: use the simplest technique.

vert shock review

Jump Technique

There is no single technique for jumping, and you should practice in many ways. Real-life does not always allow you to place yourself in an optimal position for takeoff. But as far as possible, follow these guidelines:

For starters, straight body and slightly arched back, with arms extended above the head. You can lean on your toes to catch some more speed.

Lower your arms violently back while flexing your hip. When descending, bring your hip back, as if you were going to do a squat. Hip flexion should reach about 90 °, with a knee extension of about 20-30 °.

But more than the exact angles, the key is the speed of descent, and that is where most fail. Remember Newton’s 3rd law: Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. The faster you go down, the higher you will get.

Look up to achieve a more vertical jump. The body follows the head. If you look straight ahead you are more likely to jump at an angle, losing height. If you are in a test where you must mark the jump with your hand, ensure that your arm is as vertical as possible. If you have poor shoulder mobility you will lose centimeters. The ankle extension is maintained throughout the flight, landing first with the tips of the feet.

How to Improve Your Jump in Minutes

There are no shortcuts to developing a good vertical jump. It is a quality that requires discipline and programming. But if you need to scratch a few extra centimeters for a specific test, there are a couple of simple tricks that will help you.

Free Your Hip

Many complain of pain in the hip flexors the day after a jump session. At prior we do not make much sense since they do not participate in the propulsion.