Explore the Best of the Ham Slicer Now

best meat slicer

You dream of slicing ham or sausage as thinly as your pork butcher; make carpaccios of meat or fruit and vegetables in a jiffy; precisely cut bread, cheese, roasts or even fish? Very versatile, the electric slicer is the ideal tool. Much progress has been made regarding design and ergonomics. Formerly very bulky and reserved for professionals, it has managed to democratize with the public by being lighter and more compact. You need to know about the best meat slicer , however.

Don’t look too hard on the price. When it comes to purchasing a ham slicer, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the price. Buying pre-cut meat or charcuterie is more expensive than buying a piece of meat to be cut yourself. So consider the long-term savings you can make by cutting your food yourself.

Take into account the characteristics of the product

Just because you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the price, it doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore this. The most expensive meat slicer will not necessarily be the best. Take into account materials, parts and consumer reviews. In general, metal parts will be more resistant than plastic parts.

Choose the facility

best meat slicer

When purchasing a ham slicer, make sure you get one that is easy to clean. You should also put it up and take it down easily. Also, look at the size of the device. Choose a slicer that you can easily store in your kitchen and a size that will facilitate your use.

Define your use

Typical blade sizes are range from 8 ” to 14 ”. While a ham slicer with 10 ” size blades is ideal for most homes if you cook professionally or offer catering services, a 12 ” or 14 ” blade will serve you better.

Define the foods you will cut

The ham slicers come with a thick plate that allows you to determine, how you want your meat to be cut. Choose the model that will suit the size and type of food you want to cut. The ham slicer is very practical for large families. It will save you precious cutting time and allow everyone to go to the table and enjoy a meal more quickly.

Tips to help you choose your ham slicer

  1. Choose an easily removable model for perfect hygiene. Accessories compatible with the dishwasher are even better.
  2. Opt for a model on suction feet, for more security.
  3. Choose a stainless steel blade, proof of resistance and more hygienic
  4. With adjustable speeds, the higher the power will be the more the machine will be efficient and fast.
  5. Attention, a slicer is bulky: think of finding a place for it to avoid moving it without stopping some are removable or have a folding tray saving space guaranteed.
  6. If you have small children, choose models fitted with a safety lock.
  7. Think about the use you are going to make of it and prefer the blade widths accordingly.
  8. A retractable blade that retracts when the appliance is stopped is an additional guarantee of safety.
  9. If you are sensitive to noise, pay attention to the volume of the slicer before purchasing, some of them being deafening indeed.

Manual or electric? Popular with restaurateurs, the manual slicer makes it easier to manage rags very thinly sliced. The food is also less heated than with an electric machine, which rotates faster. Choose an easily removable model for perfect hygiene. Accessories compatible with the dishwasher are even better.