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Maybe you have even heard of our bizarre character of the day: the killer Zodiac, as it turned out. We already mentioned him on this list with some of the most famous serial killers in the world. With filme hd online you can have the best option now for the shows.

The Facts

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The fact is, this guy is one of the greatest cop mysteries of all time – some say he is only behind Jack the Ripper. He is reportedly responsible for six deaths in California in the late 1960s. Still, he claimed to be responsible for taking the lives of 37 people. Here’s another curious face of this bloodthirsty, by the way: he communicated through riddled letters he sent to local newspapers – some of these puzzles have not been deciphered to this day. The fact is that Zodiac, the nickname he gave himself, is still a complete stranger.

Due to his popularity, many people have even turned to the police claiming to be the criminal, but the real Zodiac has not yet been captured, and all that is known about his appearance is a spoken portrait depicting the only two victims that survived their attacks.

Cold blood

The first victim of the Zodiac is believed to have been Cheri Jo Bates, a college student from Riverside, California. Cheri was killed outside her campus library on October 30, 1966. While the young woman was in the library, the killer sabotaged her car and lurked after the girl who, after failing to start the vehicle, apparently he accepted a ride from the killer.

  • Before Cheri died, she spent an hour in the company of the Zodiac, not knowing exactly what to do. Then he killed her with three stab wounds to his chest, one to his back, and seven to his neck, nearly decapitating her. She was also asphyxiated and caught a lot in the face. No signs of rape or assault were found on the victim’s body.
  • Some records indicate the presence of a white man who was seen driving an old car on the outskirts of the crime scene. According to police, one person reportedly witnessed the student’s murder.
  • A month after Cheri’s death, the killer’s first letter was sent to the local newspaper. After that, more letters were sent, now not only to the press but also to the police and Cheri’s father. In this second letter, Zodiac said, “Bates had to die. There will be more deaths,” in a free translation.

More crimes

Another Zodiac murder shocked the city of Vallejo, also in California. On December 20, 1968, a teenage couple parked the car in a place known to attract passionate couples. There, Zodiac shot David Faraday’s head while he was still sitting in the car. He then shot Betty Lou Jensen five times when she was outside the vehicle, probably trying to escape.

  • Police believe Zodiac attacked another young couple on July 4, 1969. Mike Mageau and Darlene Ferrin were in Vallejo when they were shot. Mageau survived, but his girlfriend died on the spot. During this period, Zodiac wrote more letters to local newspapers, passing on some details of the crime.

In addition, Zodiac wrote a coded message, which he divided into several parts; each was sent to a different newspaper. The message was clear: If the newspapers did not publish the codes in their printouts, there would be more people murdered. The letter ended with a strange symbol that turned out to be a kind of “coat of arms” of the killer.