Fine Conditions for house buying

If you have several potential buyers, let the person you are negotiating know immediately. This creates a bit of pressure and will increase your chances of a very good bid. But here too it is important that you remain reasonable and realistic. If you put too much pressure on a buyer, it may be that he eventually withdraws through an unpleasant feeling and then you can start all over again that is a waste of time. Perfect options for the house selling becomes perfect with .

Everyone can negotiate

Don’t be fooled by sales pitch from real estate agents who say that only they can negotiate the best price for your property. With the tips in this blog everyone can get the highest bid. Are you still not entirely sure of your piece.

We would like to summarize the most important things:

  • Keep a cool head always
  • Treat the other party with kindness and respect, but never just give in.
  • Prevent an impasse

If both parties get stuck in their first bid, the negotiations will fail. Think in advance at which points you might be willing to add water to the wine.

Be creative

Try to think of several ways to reach an agreement. Is the price not negotiable? Perhaps it is possible to negotiate about the transfer date or movable property.

Stay with the facts

Negotiate based on objective criteria. If the first bid seems too low, do not immediately go on the attack, but ask the buyer how he arrived at that amount. Or, for example, indicate on the basis of an inspection report what added value is in the house. Determine maximum in advance how much you want for the house. So you know immediately whether further negotiation makes sense.

Two winners

Keep in mind that negotiation is a process where there are two winners: the buyer buys the house for a good price and you get the price you want.

Selling your house without a broker is much easier than you think

If you hire a broker, the costs of the sale will soon be higher. As a solution you can take control of the sales yourself, arrange everything yourself and save thousands of dollars. This is a good solution to reduce costs. Experts are happy to show you the ins and outs of sales without a broker.


You can create a hype based on pre-sale. Pre-sale is nowadays very popular with modern selling. People quickly assume that there will be a lot more than that and will go along with this trend. This way you can do a good deal without too much effort and offer the interested parties a real feeling of exclusivity.

Organize a sale at one time

Then you only have to free yourself once and your house or apartment only has to look perfect once. If you do not do it at one time, you will have people constantly on the floor for weeks that are only too happy to look into your cupboards. How unpleasant. In addition, people will get the feeling that your home is very popular because there are so many visitors. Lots of demand and little supply, luckily results in higher prices.