From the start to till about SIM card and its network connections

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At the very first stage of the phone the first call through the phone was made in 1973 on April 3. The company called Motorola made the first handheld phone, the first call was made by Martin Cooper the company’s executive and researcher. He made the call to Dr. Joel who is his rival. The handheld mobile phones are made by three people they are

  • Martin cooper
  • W. Rae Young
  • Donald Cox

It has a wireless box attached to the speaking area. Then it makes it advance the first SIM card was developed and launched by 1991 in Munich. The developer called Giesecke & Devrient. From that start the whole world is working with the advanced versions of the network and its signals. To know more about this click here  it shows more details about the first SIM card and how it sold.

All about from the start to now:

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The first SIM card was known as the first generation card where it does not have any internet signals. It is called as 1G. This was invented by the NTT Nippon telegraph telephone. Then many countries followed and invented its connections. But due to the poor signals and lack of connections this does not stand well in the market. Despite the drawback this paved the path to the get into the 2g which is the second generation network.

The second generation makes people get more involvement and excitement because this has options other than phone calls like

  • SMS [send text message],
  • Pictured messages,
  • MMS [ multi-media message]

by just using the people which people have on their hand. This helps the business to a good atmosphere. Initially this gives slower connections but the update of 2g gives more attractions with people. This connects everyone easily so more people liked and started buying. The purchase became higher. That takes to the next version.

Later the research made the 3G signals that are the third generation of network. This was made by the invented company of first-generation Nippon telegraph telephone in the year 2001. This made the first international service on the mobile for the first time. It had the additional feature and also it was 5X times faster than its prior generations. It gave the features with internet like

  • Video calls { like skype calls}
  • Voice calls
  • Video streaming
  • Etc

This becomes more popular among people. The mobile phone company called blackberry made more features mobile phones using the 3G network got the first as soon the network was invented.

Then the 4G fourth generation was invented with more additional features and speed compared to the third generation. This 4G is designed with some special feature, while the 2G or 3G SIM cards do not need any specific slot connections but this 4G has that feature the mobile should support the 4G connections else it cannot able go with the phone. This is common in many countries but more than that there are 5G and upcoming generations are under progress.