General information about immigration to Germany

People wish to migrate to different countries in order to reach higher levels in their career and to increase their level of living so often people wish to migrate far. There are several countries to migrate but most of the people choose Germany as migration and it makes Germany as a 5th favorable country to immigrate. Most of the people want to immigrate to Germany mainly because Germany has a well-performing economy, best education systems and have huge employment opportunities. If you are planning to migrate to Germany it is more important to know about general information about Germany immigration then you can visit to make your work simple. In order to migrate to Germany, you need to have a valid reason there are several reasons where Germany immigration is possible for other nationals which are listed below.

  • Immigration for education
  • Immigration for employment
  • Immigration for entrepreneurs
  • Immigration for residence permits
  • Immigration for family reunions

For the above reasons, the Germany immigrations are easily made after formal verification of individuals.

Necessary requirements for Germany immigration:

Although there are several reasons available for people to have immigration to Germany each reason should have some specific requirements. These requirements would be considered as eligible criteria to move to Germany, if a person wants to move to Germany it is mandatory to fulfill all these criteria which are explained below.

Financial stability: it is most important to fulfill financial threshold which gets differ based on the immigration reason. This is mainly to make prove person that they have capable of financing them by themselves in Germany. Even when the person got a job in Germany initially, it is mandatory to cover the funds until you offered with the first salary.

 Health insurance: people would not be able to immigrate to Germany until they have valid health insurance coverage. Moreover, it is better to get German health insurance to be on the safer side, people can check more information about health insurance for freelancers and employee.

Basic German proficiency: A person who wants to migrate to German should know to speak the German language. There are three levels in language proficiency each level has 2 parts such as A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and C1 and C2 or person should have skills in the advanced language. So it is mandatory to clear language exam when you need just immigration to Germany person should clear either A1 or B1. If a person wants to have permanent residence permission, then it is mandatory to clear advancement level C1 and C2 proficiency exam.

Getting German visa: the person who are other countries citizens then they require a German visa to immigrate to German. So people can apply for a German visa before entering Germany but after entering Germany people can apply for residence permit. For applying for a residence permit, people do not require a visa.

There are several types of German visas like tourist visa, business visa, study visa, job seeker visa, employment visa, guest scientist visa and training or internship visa. Based on the purpose people can apply for a visa. For more information, people can check on official website.