General information about the identity card

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For the purposes of the Government Emergency Ordinance, identity card means the identity card, as well as the provisional identity card and the identity card, which is valid. But you can Make use of the best fake id as well.

The identity card also means the electronic identity card. The documents are presented in original legalized copies are not accepted. The application may be made based on reservation made by application program online site or based voucher orders issued at our office bills is issued daily being limited the day of issue for people who have never resided in this country apply for the identity card is issued only on the basis of online programming. The identity card is issued for the first time at the age of 14 years.

This is evidenced by the identity, the home address and, where appropriate, the residence address of the holder. The term of validity of the identity card is 4 years for people aged between 14-18 years, 7 years for people aged 18-25, 10 years after the age of 25, permanently after reaching the age of 55. The provisional identity card is issued when the natural person does not possess all the documents necessary for issuing the identity card and in the case of citizens residing abroad, who temporarily reside in this country. The validity period of the provisional identity card is one year.

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The documents are submitted to the community public service for the record of the persons in whose area the applicant has his domicile or residence.

Applications for the issue of identity documents are submitted personally, and identity cards are issued to the holders. In case the applicant is not in the country, the agent will present a special power of attorney on which the photograph of the holder, authenticated by the diplomatic mission or career consular office in the state where the applicant is located, is applied. In the power of attorney, it is necessary to find the express reference to the object of the mandate.

Citizens abroad

They can submit the request for the issuing of the first identity document together with the documents provided by law at the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania in the respective state. The documents proving the name, first name, nationality and domicile, necessary for the issue of the identity document, are presented in original and photocopy. Proof of the home address can be made with one of the following documents:

  • Documents concluded under conditions of validity provided by the legislation in force
  • The written declaration of the host, natural or legal person, to receive in space, accompanied by one of the documents provided in letter

The declaration of reception in the space can be given in front of the worker from the community public service of record of the persons, of the public safety policeman, of the public notary or of the official of the diplomatic mission or consular office.

The declaration on the own responsibility of the applicant, accompanied by the verification note of the police officer of public order, certifying the existence of a building and the fact that the applicant actually lives at the declared address, for the natural person who cannot present the documents referred. For minors and natural persons under interdiction, the declaration is given and signed by the parents or their legal representatives.