How did collagen formed and synthesized?

best liquid collagen

There are over ninety percentage of collagen that takes place in our human body is the first type of collagen which has been referred to in the previous article. Nearly they have found, described, and as well as classified thirty types of collagen- based on the form of structure. They contain contains nearly one type of triple helix product.

There are two types of best liquid collagen are present

best liquid collagen

Fibrillar and as well as Non- fibrillar

The type of Fibrillar consists of first, second, third, fifvth and as well as the ninth type of collagen

The type of Non – fibrillar consists of

The basement membrane it is considered as the fourth type.

Anchoring fibrils it is considered as the seventh type

MACIT which is said to be abbreviated as Membrane Associated Collagens with Interrupted Triple Helices
Multiplexing which is said to abbreviated as Mulitiple Triple Helix domains with Interruptions.

short- chain

Microfibril forming it is considered as the sixth type.


The collagen is gettings synthesizsed in

pre- pro –peptide formation

When the mRNA exerts from the component of the nucleus of the cell and as well as the enters of cytoplasam, this gets links in the subunits ribosomal, and as well as the translational process occurs. The first part which contains the new peptide is said to be as the signal sequence. The sequence contains an N- terminal peptide which would be recognizsed as a signal recognition particle in the pat of endoplasmic recticulum in which is responsible ffor the directing way of pre-pro-peptide in the way of endoplasmic recticulum. After the process of synthesizing, it moves in to the endoplasmic recticulum and as well as the processing of post- translational. This is known as preprocollagen.

Transcription of mRNA

there are nearly of thirty- four genes which gets associated with the formation of collagen, which that gets the coding for the mRNA sequence in a specific manner and as well as typically in the prefix of COL. In the beginning stage of collagen it gets synthesized in the way of formation and as well as it is particularlyt happens in the alpha peptide.

Pre- pro-peptide to the formation of Pro-collagen

There are nearly of three modifications that occurs during the formation of pro-collagen

First, the signal peptide which is present in the part of the N terminal is removed, after the process of removing now the molecule is said to be propeptide.

Second, there is an enzymatic step that which almost requires the C vitamins as co factor in this process. The scurvy disease, gets more prolines of hydroxylation and as well as lysines which are used to cause a helix which is considered as triple looser

Third, the process of glycosylation is getting occurred either by adding the process of galactose or glucose monomers in the groups of hydroxyl which is placed in the lysines.
Modification of Golgi apparatus
In this modification, procollagen moves through the post- –translation which would be present in the last stage which is before secreted in the outside of the cell. In this step the Oligosaccharides areis added for the process of modification , it is added to get the packaged procollagen in the vesicle which is secretory in the purpose of space in extra cellular. these are the syntheseis which happened in the collagen.