How to find fake TKO products?

Tko extracts

In this article, we will see above the fake products based on TKO and how to find the difference between them. Nowadays, phony TKO carts are everywhere; we can find them by knowing the basic ideology about TKO cartridges, then we can get the real thing. These fake products and companies are majorly working through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. In the cannabis industry, these counterfeit cartridges have been a constant issue circulating more than a decade. Tko extracts  that are in the cartridge are not reusable. If you buy the reusable cartridge, then it will be a fake product. Most of the phony TKO carts are standalone, and that needs a battery to extend its life.

Difference between fake and real products:

Tko extracts

As we see before, most TKO products are in the form or style of disposable style pen. It has been confirmed by the product producers or the makers of the TKO extracts. They had announced that their products are not in the form of usable or charging style. Let us see some examples of fake TKO cartridges,

  • First, the one who is ready to use the TKO cartridges should not buy it from the black market because most of the black market products are being completely fake.
  • We can then find the difference by the label that the real company had printed entirely different from the fake products.
  • One can search and find the difference in the packages from the original TKO extracts before buying the products.
  • If you are under the fake seller, your cartridge will reflect whether it is a fake one or the real product.
  • The fake products can offer more than 20 different flavors from the TKO extract, but they show only four different tastes when you compare with the real company.
  • TKO extracts is a brand from TKO products LLC; this is a California based company limited, which is owned by Winx California LLC.
  • When a study talked about the safety side of TKO usage gives a terrible result because people are mostly using fake TKO cards, which is highly harmful to the users.
  • If you are a long time user of TKO carts, you might know about the old TKO carts lurking those are the standalone cartridges, but if you are looking deeply into the new one, you can find the significant difference by the usage and also by the features.
  • The buyers should keep this in mind that if your product is not under a brand or any label, it is fake. Those are very harmful to health, so better to avoid such product usages.
  • The original charts are guaranteed by the respective standard about the safety and limit of usages, so there are no harmful things when the user consumes it. But there is no limit for the quality standard is mentioned in the fake products, which are highly toxic to the users.
  • Whenever users buy a TKO cartridge, they should note all the points mentioned above so that they may not accept the fake products. All these tips and general information may help a user not to get cheated by the counterfeit sellers.