Impact of the cardholder by using credit cards to this current marketing system

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A credit card is a small plastic card; it allows borrow money to buy purchasing goods and services. It is convenient for cardholders. Credit cards help us to buy things with electronic payment. Every credit card has a unique number attached to an account. Cards may be distributed by banks or credit unions etc. A credit card can use the transaction of the money between the sellers and buyers. Every customer has a particular time to pay the bill if anybody left means customers to pay the interest for their unpaid session. uniccshop bazar was a loan comparison website. People can install the app on android mobile. May it will be the use of gathering some information and update their marketing system.

Why we need credit cards?

uniccshop bazar

A credit card is a payment issue; it can borrow money to spend on products and services. We can take an installment loan, medical Bill’s, furniture and using credit cards we can buy a house and buy a lease a car. It plays a vital role in someone’s life; they people only lead a successful financial life.

List out the different credit card

  • Chase
  • Master card
  • Visa
  • Discover card
  • American express

Benefits of credit cards

Credit cards reduce the need to carry cash. Most of the merchant accepts the credit cards and transfer their online purchasing amount. It may help us to save our records about our spending money and their identity transition.

Online purchasing power – credit card is enough to purchase our products in online marketing we send our money through by transition.

Rewards – Many credit card gets some offers will be provided to them like points, discounts and other some benefits.

Convenience to customers – we need not carry cash in our hands. Customer needs good products and service and at the same time, merchants need a payment settlement through the amount transition.

Way to using a card in an emergency – It is the best way to solve the emergency time if we get hit with an unexpected expense.

Traceability – If anybody tracks our credit card, it should be easily tracking that hacker’s record having electronic records.

Demits of using credit cards

Over expensive – a credit card can make life so simple and easier but they can also make overspending easier cards. We must carefully make quickly lead to unexpected debt.

Fraud – Every credit card has carried a unique number, it is a dangerous one. Because hackers can be stolen their cards number and they can be copied which tat purpose of steal our money and identity.

Maintenance Debits – If we carry equal balance money from month to month,  I easy to pay the charges and interest to rack up.

Interest and fees – By using credit cards access to the borrowing system. They don’t give to free intention.  We must pay the money to the monthly process. If we left unpaid money, we want to pay the interest.

So, credit cards have both positive and negative opinions on customer views. We can follow the rules and instructions from the banks or credit cards. We must aware of the scamming system.