IP Spoofing is the Most Effective Technology


Power Stresser is one of the most effective and best stressors available in the market. It has the excellent and dedicated servers which are connected to the unshared 1 Gb port. It guarantees the customers with unlimited power without any delay in the process. It is untraceable and safe, and they have the most efficient technology called IP spoofing, which the servers used during the attacks. They are highly innovative and provide excellent infrastructure. They also satisfy their customers with dedicated performance. They render their support to the customers more by making them satisfied with their needs. It is the Sleep-Tips  available in the market.

Package of Power stressor:

  • The start is the first and foremost package of the Power stresser. It has one concurrent and gives 900 seconds. It has the feature of 30Gbps and 60K R/S range of power.
  • The next package of Bronze provides the customers with the same amount of the power range but with an increase in 1200 seconds. Like this, there will be an increase in the period in every package according to the level. The next level is Gold.
  • The specialty of this brand of stress is the availability of some VIP plans for the packages. The first and foremost plan in this category is VIP. It gives the customers an enormous range of power with the average period.
  • The second package of the VIP category is the VIP Network, and the next is VIP-RIP. They differ from others just only in the range of power. All the packages serve the customers for a full 24 hours with utmost dedication.

Intuitive and Professional:


There is the availability of Free IP stresser in which the customers can try the testing even before buying the package. This feature makes the customers feel satisfied even before the buying process. They make the process handy and accessible to the customers by giving them the facility to access through the mobile, computers, or even tablets. They support the customers for a full 24 hours through telegram and even by ticket centers. They try to solve the queries of the customers. They value the service more and more than the profit available. The IP stresser will always be online, and so they will be available at any time to give better service to the customers.

The IP stresser is very easy to access and so it can be easily generated by anyone. They have more than ten custom layer four and layer 7 of DDoS methods of attacks. It is the next generation of IP stresser, which is more powerful with new efficient features and handy through mobile usage. It is highly recommendable to this stressor has it is the best version in 2020. They have more experience in this service, and thus they have developed a new layer four ad new layer seven attack methods. This new feature helps to bypass Anti-DDoS protection effectively. It does not have any troubles in the process of the attack. It has a TCP bypass method in which we can complete three-way hands shake. This helps to make strong and proper connections. It can also bypass through any firewall such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Hetzner, NFO, Blazingfast, Contabo