Let’s going to see the cat’s world

Munchkin kitten

The animal which lives in the domestic is called cat. It catches the rat. The cat and mouse inspire the world-famous cartoon seriously called Tom and Jerry.

The cat is a huge family. The lion, tiger, cheetah, jaguar, etc. Are they called a cat family? But we should not see this. We are going to see only the cats. The cars are mainly two types the wild cats and domestic cats or pets cats.

The types of domestic cats

There are many types. Let’s see some few ragdolls, Scottish fold, Bengal cats, Munchkin kitten , Maine coon, Russian blue, Parisian cats, forest cats these are some few cat types.


This cat has a large fur and silky and soft fur. Its eyes are blue; it is developed by the American reader in 80 years before. It is the fluffy cat with the smooth fur.

Scottish fold

It is the domestic cat with the effects of wild cats. It is always dominant and leading in nature, and it is not accepting others to be with the place. The ears of the cat are folded, so it is named as the Scottish fold cats.

Bengal cats

Munchkin kitten

Bengal cats are the domestic cats breed. It is a created cat, which means hybrid cats. Its body is fully covered with leopard-like body patterns. So it looks like a small leopard cub. So many of them like to grow the Bengal cats.

Munchkins cats

The word munchkin refers to the word small. The cat is smaller in size. It has tiny legs, so it is called as hot dogs or sewage dogs. It looks like dachshunds’ dogs. It is a playful domestic cat. Many of them are to buy the cat for the playing purpose.

Maine coon cats

Maine coon cats are the has the hunting technique to search the prey. It is also a domestic cat, but its size is enormous; it has many skills and is the creative cat species. And they look lovely and majestic many of them buy only for his look and beautiful.

Russian blue cats

Russian blue cats are the very oldest breeds of cats in Russia. It is a Russian bread. It is the very loyal cats to the owner, and it like a dog and follows where the owner goes. It is a very reliable cat breed. So, these skills make the cat wide popular.


Persian cats are also said to be known as the Persian long-haired cat. It has a round face, and the hair is very long. So, it looks very beau6itcis a domestic pet cats that had a very polar fan base. The origin of the cat was Iran. Many of them buy the cats for the beautiful and stunning looking if gest of many colours.

Forest cats

Forest cats are the cold living cats. They are done of the oldest breeds of cats in northern Europe. So, they quickly adopted for the cold climate. AMD is only suitable for a cold environment.  It also a domestic cat with thick fur.