Mey Homes Capital PhuQuoc – A Favorite Tourist spot

meyhomes capital phú quốc

The meyhomes capital phú quốc with an ideal spot, supported normally, included by long-standing recorded regions, crude woods, Bai Truong coastline, which is viewed as the most beautiful in Phu Quoc, and with the broad endeavour of Tan A Dai Thanh Group. Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc will transform into the unbelievable focal point of a shrewd and ecological metropolitan district in Phu Quoc Pearl Island just as spreading to all bits of the country.

meyhomes capital phú quốc

The Tropical Island City

At Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc, tourists will experience the splendid presence of a tropical island paradise. From the ordinary scene of the wildernesses to the lifestyle, cooking, redirection and splendid local life. This is the ideal spot for explorers who need to fuse into the goal and get some answers concerning the lifestyle and life here.

A Living Legendary

Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc is happy to be arranged in 6% of the full-scale land district permitted never-ending ownership in Phu Quoc. This will be a mind-boggling potential when the land store in Ngoc Island isn’t a great deal, which brings the best theory opportunity ever. Guaranteeing a property with a long stretch for yourself and for your family – a procured legacy with practical sublimation regards after some time.

Business Community

This is moreover the gathering of a neighbourhood monetary benefactors with acumen and long stretch vision from wherever the world racing to trade the movement business and resort things and organizations, together to serve travellers. Come experience the excellent life in the tropical island city of Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc

Region Meyhomes Capital

Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc is located between Bai Truong and South Phu Quoc where it interfaces with acclaimed resorts of Phu Quoc. Especially, the undertaking is similarly connected with the Bai Truong sea shorefront road with an orchestrating space of 66m wide from the typical and long sea edge. 10.68km offers astonishing access not solely to occupants yet furthermore to local and overall travellers.

Interfacing Surrounding Areas:

Schoolyard: 0.3km to move only 1 second. Phu Quoc air terminal is 15km away, only 20 minutes. Duong Dong centre is 18km away, only 25 minutes. With a strong vision and disposition, Meyland has decided to put and shape Meyhomes Capital into a 5-star standard metropolitan locale. Later on, this will be the new monetary and living focal point of Phu Quoc.

The traffic system in Phu Quoc is being contributed and passed on quickly to help occupants. atMeyhomes basic relationship with the incorporating areas.


The island is specially designed for the tourist to enjoy their vacation on the beach resort with all kinds of luxury. Every individual is given importance in the resorts so that they can enjoy the tour to the core. People can enjoy all types of entertainment there, even they can arrange a conference in the commercial hall and they extend their days of holidays. It’s a dual system to work as well as enjoyment.  They can get all types of seafood and other Italian dishes. they can remember the time they spend here in their life fully. Nobody can move from here all of a sudden, once they visit the place they try to settle there itself.