Moving furniture DIY way? Here are some tips for you

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Regardless of where you live or how big or small your house is, there must be some large furniture that you will have to shift if you are moving to a new place. Such heavy furniture, such as the bed, a piano, or a dresser, would require you to be extra cautious while moving them. If you’re a resident of Jeddah, then we are a leading Jeddah Furniture Moving Company (شركة نقل اثاث بجدة )and would be happy to lend our professional hands so that you don’t have to worry about things like furniture moving. But if you somehow want to do it all your own, you still can do it with some proven techniques and proper gears. Don’t worry, though, our tips and methods are designed for the persons who are physically not very strong, so this article would be of help for anybody who wants to take things in their hands.

  1. Do not lift, but drag it: For heavy furniture like the couches, hot tub, piano, or bed – it’s better if you don’t try to lift those pieces of furniture. Those are heavy enough to give you a severe back issue unless you’re strong enough and have the skill to do it as a professional. People often make such mistakes and complain that moving furniture is a hard job to carry out, which is, of course, wrong. All you need to know the proper technique the professionals use. So, what the correct way to move your furniture? You just drag it! But won’t that damage your floor? Not necessarily, if you know how to drag. Get some plastic sliders, and put them at the bottom of each leg of your furniture – and then, just slide the furniture across the floor. The slider would protect your floor, and at the same time, that large furniture would be moved easily without having to apply much physical effort.
  2. You’ll also need some specialized equipment for lifting: Sometimes, dragging isn’t enough, you’ll have to lift some extra-heavy furniture to move them efficiently. Mainly two devices you’re going to need, moving straps, and moving dollies. They can be bought, or there is the option of renting them from as well if you don’t need to move things very frequently.

Moving straps: Lifting straps are a versatile device which you can adjust as per the length and size of an item. Using them would help in reducing strain due to extra-heavy load on your arms and back. However, to know how to use them properly, go through the user manual first, and you can also ask any of your friends who have used that before.

Moving dollies: This is another essential tool in case you’re dealing with extra-heavy appliances to protect them from getting damaged accidentally. These would be further effective when you’re moving heavy loads up or down the stairs. Again, consult the user manual first or seek professional advice on how to use them, and make sure that you put items on the dolly only till your chest-level, otherwise controlling it while moving around would be much harder.

Moving furniture can be a lot of fun and rewarding experience if you follow the tips mentioned in this article.