Now a day’s peoples are having an interest to buy a leather thing

leather workshop singapore

The London Natural leather workshop singapore is an artisan workshop offering a large range of products and services, such as natural leather supply and device soft providing working as a consultant and also style prototyping testing manufacturing as well as discovering opportunities.

leather workshop singapore

We are a small team of makers and designers that, in addition to working on their very own products, are additionally delighted to make their ability available, at a budget-friendly rate. Through courses, one-to-one training as well as collaborations, we mean to advertise discovering ideas and also skill sharing.


Our services are bespeaking to your needs and consist of:

  • Layout and also design consultancy
  • Mapping out and showing
  • Technical drawings & tech packs
  • Pattern making
  • Mockups & models’ realization
  • Tiny productions
  • Custom appliqué style and realization

Leather crafts:

To make certain very little influence on the environment, we make use of vegetable-tanned leathers which are durable, non-toxic to both humans as well as setting. No animals are eliminated for the natural leathers, we are making use of spin-offs of the food industry. Leatherwork and also leather-craft courses, classes as well as workshops instructed all across the UK. Natural leather improves with age, which is why crafting something out of natural leather is extremely satisfying. Not only can you make something fashionable, but it will certainly have a toughness that means you can enjoy it for several years to come.

Leathercraft entails reducing, stitching (typically hand sewing), dyeing, lining, punching holes and generally fashioning your piece of hiding right into bags, belts, footwear, saddles, waistcoats, lads, book covers and anything else you wish to discover just how to make. Natural leather employees are fairly a rare find these days; natural leather work teachers even more so. The leather programs on these pages such as

  • leather bag shoe
  • Belt making
  • Furniture
  • Natural leather dyeing
  • Carving
  • Embossing as well as stamping
  • Browse leatherwork programs


Comparable to the Brand Name Development Challenge, this imaginative workshop encourages students to consider exactly how packaging graphics have actually changed throughout the years and exactly how graphics are utilized to interact with vital messages to the consumer. Trainees work in groups to improve the graphics of an existing UK item.

Trainees learn about the function of product packaging and also the development of grocery store brands over the past 150 years. After undertaking a study from the Museum’s collection, trainees work in teams to boost packaging designs about customer practices and also market fads.

Graft work:

Explore the Gallery at your speed. We have produced subject-specific sources for senior high school pupils which have been created to assist concentrate your team visit and also encourage students to involve more deeply with the collection.

Worksheet subjects include Company Studies, Economics, Sociology, Media Studies, and also more. Download and install and publish your chosen worksheets and also bring adequate copies for your students. Please keep in mind the development reservation is essential for the group goes to. Costs are provided in our scheduling details.