Outdoor Stair-lifts: Enjoy mobility outside the house

stairlifts bath

stairlifts bath , also known by various names like Stairlifts, stair gliders, and chair lifts. Earlier this can only be used within the house for moving up down between different levels of the house.  Now it is equally available outside. All thanks to the State-of-art outdoor stair-lifts, that make you independent outside the house like in the garden or enjoying time with friends and family. It is an external stair-lift that allows disadvantaged people to ignore the difficult task of climbing up and down on the staircase and offer a good solution for a safe and comfortable life in the house.

Safety is always our first concern for our elders. Outdoor stair-lift like Indoor stairlift assured us all necessary safety measures. The biggest difference between Indoor and outdoor stair-lifts models is the former is weatherproof. As indoor stair-lift is mainly within the house, they need not be weatherproof unlike the other.   Outdoor models give us all reliability and functionality irrespective of any environmental condition.

External Stair-lifts

Installing a stair-lift outside the house is just a revolutionary concept, which is relatively new, and becoming popular within the personal mobility arena. It is very amazing and we never thought before that people with limited mobility would be helpful when moving outside that they already have in their house.

Weight of Outdoor Stair-lift

We know that as it is an outdoor stairlift they have made to stand up against all environmental variables. Just like indoor, outdoor stair-lifts have attached to the steps. They weigh up to 350 lb.

Power used up in Outdoor Stair-lift

stairlifts bath

They are powered by 120 AC ground outlets which means no additional wiring is necessary for installing this. They also work on the set of batteries so that if power cuts due to some reason it will not stop working. The battery charger has plugged into the wall and when the chair is not in use it will be charged

Grounds to consider an Outdoor Stair-lift

There are certain reasons, which we should consider for installing an outdoor stairlift. Whether we have this within our house but it is advantageous to have it outside.

The reasons are

  • Firstly, the stairs outside can be more dangerous than inside. They can be more open, steeper, and dangerous due to continuous exposure to weather conditions.
  • Secondly, installing it allows you to stay in your home for a longer time. Many houses have staircase from outside the house for going to the second level. That is means earlier interior stair-lift cannot be used, as they are not weatherproof. But with the coming of outdoor stair-lifts people don’t have to move to single-story houses. It solved mobility issues without changing the house having so many memories.

Expectation from the outdoor stair-lift

  • It comes with standard seat belts and safety sensors.
  • A remote to call stair-lift
  • User display with intelligent interference
  • A lockable chair for security
  • Waterproof construction with a cover

Installation Cost

The average cost for installation of a straight stair-lift new or used ranges from $2500 to $5000. If the staircases have twists and turns, the range varies. It starts from $10,000 and is scaled up depending upon the radius, length of the rail.