Perfect Combat Archery for You Now

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When you start archery, the first thing to do is to determine your directional eye. It is usually the eye that matches your most skilful hand. To find out which eye will govern your vision, experts suggest a very simple test to perform: the coat of arms placed in front of you, extend your left arm in front of you and close your left eye. For the combat archery tag this is important.

If you aim with the right eye, you are a right-handed archer. You hold your bow with your left hand and pull the string with your right hand. Likewise, if you aim with the left eye, you are a left-handed archer. You will, therefore, hold your bow with your right hand and pull the string with your left hand.

Focus On the Right Post to Adopt

To put all the chances on your side to reach the Grail, the centre of the target, the position will be decisive. Before even bending your bow or pulling the string, focus on the position of your body relative to the target, which must be aligned with the “line of fire”. This indicates the location on which the feet must be located in relation to the target. The two feet must be positioned parallel to the direction of fire and separated by a shoulder width.

Archery requires great stability: so, despite the weight of your bow, make sure you stay as stable as possible. By keeping an upright posture, and by distributing your weight evenly over all of the two feet, you will adopt a perfect gesture when you bandage your bow and shoot your arrow.

How to Position Your Arrow?

combat archery tag

Once you have determined your leading eye and learned to place your feet on the line of fire, you are almost ready. Go a little more patience. All you have to do is learn how to place your arrow correctly on your bow, and how to properly position the rope.

First, place your bow down for security reasons. Then place your arrow on the rope. It has three feathers, one of which is different in colour: the rooster feather. It must be positioned perpendicular to the archery window, towards the outside. Once this first step validated, raise your bow in front of you, to aim at the centre of your target.

The bowstring should be level with your chin. Generally, it is placed in the middle of it, or slightly on the side of the jaw. Do not be afraid to hold your bow close to you: indeed, if you adopt the right position, the rope must come to touch your nose and your mouth. Above all, don’t forget: archery is a question of precision but also and above all of the training. By choosing the right equipment and following our advice, you will have every chance on your side to hit the nail on the head.

Did you know? A steel-tipped arrow can indeed travel hundreds of meters. Therefore, you should not shoot in the air with a bow. A suction tip arrow soft has a shorter range. It is the ideal ally for discovering archery safely, especially with children always in the presence of an adult.

Do you have a bow with soft point arrows?

Your initiation to archery can, therefore, start with some precautions to be taken a distance of 3 to 10 meters with the target installed in an open area, and never target people or animals.