Perfection Evident for the Perfect Printed T Shirt


Once the clothing is no longer warm, carefully remove the transfer paper from the clothing. If the plate does not stick to the clothing properly, it is necessary to go over it again with the iron. Did the picture or the letters stick well? Then place the baking paper on the clothing again and go over it with a hot iron. Make circular movements for about 10 seconds, this way you ensure that the picture stays on the clothing longer. The use of textildruck is important here.

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular for companies to start printing on shirts. The printed T-shirts develop as a wanted merchandise item for companies, and they can serve all kinds of areas. Think of promotion of festival, corporate clothing or activities of a team building and so on. A T-shirt can in principle be used for all purposes, with the correct imprint the T-shirt can be fully mastered.


What should you look out for with printed T-shirts?

First of all, the color, the type of fabric, the number and the budget matters that you should take into account when looking at the shirt printing options. In order to keep the clothing well for as long as possible, it is important that you take the following into account:

  • Wash the newly printed shirts as cold as possible the first time.
  • Sublimated or embroidered clothing may not be washed for the first 10 days, so the printing is given plenty of time to attach.
  • Dirty clothing or clothing that has been used for sports must be washed as quickly as possible.
  • Washing your clothes inside out ensures protection of the clothes and the printing.
  • Try to spin the clothes as little as possible, and if there is no alternative, try to keep it as short as possible.
  • Read the description of the clothing carefully or the clothing may be chemically washed.
  • Make sure you use a good detergent with as little bleach as possible in it, this keeps the clothes and printing good for longer.
  • Try to wash the printed shirts at the lowest possible temperature, and try to prevent the use of a tumble dryer. This can extend the life of your clothing and printing.
  • Always iron shirts that are printed inside out, and make sure that the temperature of the iron is not set too hot.

Clothing and so you provide tips that you can pay attention to before and after purchasing your clothing or textile in combination with a specific printing technique. The colors, the choice of fabric, the number and your budget are a few factors that influence your choice.

We have been printing clothing and textiles for more than 30 years in our own artisan printing shop. We only deliver quality. Then there are advantages and disadvantages with a certain printing technique. Consult our pages about the types of printing in combination with the clothing. For example, the washability and ironability is important.

Last Words

Every household washes differently and color differences may occur with certain prints. Do you want that? Clothing printing tips before purchasing and after purchasing your clothing. We also provide the washing instructions for every order that has been executed.