Pine not to deforest only to grow


The pine is a wood which is of most stiff and it is very durable and very strong when compared to other wood categories. It is too better to use as furniture material as the purpose for the chair, tables, wood cushions, cupboards, doors, nowadays they even more used In the front way usage of house,  etc..  The purpose, growth and as well as defects of pine wood can be seen in this article of Zirbenholz as follows in the paragraph and to grow well in the knowledge of pine tree.


The woods are used in many ways. Mostly the pine woods are not used for burning fuel for gas-producing purposes. Only the forest area people used these much of firewoods to make a home for their shelter purpose, burning the wood for their cooking purpose, and more purpose as even though. They protest not to cut trees for any purpose as for their own purpose too. Nowadays forests are destroying due to the cutting of trees and overuse of plastics.



These pine trees grow well in natural habitats on the very little impact depending on farms and even more on the sides of plantations. The oak trees mostly come from old forestry growth typically for the usage of forestry. The pine trees have and characterise of wood in a lightweight, develops nice wood, inexpensive, it resists the type of swelling and as well as shrinkage, softwood, it very much prone for dents and scratches. The wood will be mostly in yellowish and whitish color.  It may last long as 30 – 50 years which covers in paints. As we have discussed before the house wood is very much good to work with it.


But the occupational works with a resin make and causes you the lung diseases of chronic lung disease and even more as asthma disease. The pines make dangerous of eyes irritation, nose and even throat problems may occur. The disease of decreasing capacity of lung affects the lung diseases in the respiratory system and allergic reactions. The pine trees wood may also changes into a redwood and darken the wood. The redwood maybe darkens due to the dried climates and become lighter in colour in nature in the weather.  There are many countries selling pine wood and other types of wood according to the climatic conditions. The countries which sell the pine woods are India, European, Africa countries, etc…  In addition to the pine trees wood, bushes are getting more turn in to production.  As wood pulp, paper in callouses, most widely in old film of photography used in celluloid, rayon, cellophane, etc., The economy of wood mentions that the usage of wood in such a manner of buildings of houses, apartments, schools, stores, bridges and as to know their energy source of the fuel. The wood is the type of fossils which also provide us wood for cooking as well as in burning and building process. The wood is normally burnt to get thermal energy and as well as to be used in much of fertilizer for field works. The reduction of trees leads to an atmospheric reduction of carbon dioxide in the formula of co2 and leads in a reduction of global warming