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Trasferirsi in Italia

Italy has been admired by many of the people around the world. There are many more specialities in this country which has good weather and many tourist places. Many people try to shift to Italy for various reasons such as work, business, and even travel. Many elders travel to Italy just as travellers for three months and also enjoy the climate. These elderly people have a separate type of visa for staying in Italy. The process of moving to Italy is not so complicated but one should be very careful in finishing the process. There are many agencies that take care of all the moving process properly. Trasferirsi in Italia

Trasferirsi in Italia

The people who have the citizenship of the United States or Canada need not have to apply for a visa for entering Italy. People from other countries must have a proper visa to enter and stay in Italy. In case, if a person wishes to move to Italy, then the person must have to arrange the documents properly without any issues. There will be some bureaucratic issues while moving to Italy and they have to be managed correctly. In these situations, one can get help from various agencies that help people for moving to Italy.

The agencies will take care of all the arrangements of the necessary documents which are needed for shifting. In case, if one needs to stay for more than 90 days in Italy, then one must need the visa for the stay. One will not be permitted inside the country with illegal documents and so there should be a valid visa and the other documents. There are some people who are retired and are receiving the pension amount, they feel to stay in Italy just for enjoyment and travel. They do not have the need to work and earn money and so they will get a separate visa. This kind of visa is named as elective resident visa.

Moving to Italy as a Whole Family:

There are people who wish to travel around Italy and they can apply for a tourist visa and enjoy the journey. Some of the people will shift to Italy for work purposes and they even can start their own business. In these situations, people will feel to move as a whole family to Italy. Thus, a person has to apply for a family visa for all the family members. All the family members have to submit their original documents and apply for the visa. These processes will be done perfectly by the agencies which have a direct link with the embassy.

In Italy, the customs duty will normally grant duty-free entry for the household items. This duty-free entry is possible only when the goods are moved to Italy within a period of six months from the date of entry. The people who have the status of residents can also import their own vehicle if they are used by the people for at least one year. It is also duty-free and so it is an added advantage for the people who are shifting to Italy. Thus, moving to Italy is not a complicated and hectic process, if the documents are clear then the process is very simple.