Some movie characters give positive vibes in people’s heart


Movies are favorite for everyone, movies are screened in theatres at first, and after several weeks and months, movies are as DVD, cassette and after some days these movies will be available in various sites like YouTube, IMDb TV.ดูหนังออนไลน์ refers to watching free movies online. If you are a person who loves to watch more movies online free you can choose any of these sites and watch movies, the sites are,


It is one of the best sites for watching movies, it is owned by Amazon, previously is known as a freediver, and TV shows, movies are available in this site for free, currently, the service picked up the rights to over 20 series. It is for the U.S only now, the work for expansion is in progress.



Kanopy is a site for the free streaming of classic movies, and movies are available in high quality, with no cost for its users, for using this site you have to connect it with your local library, college or university. By using the library card you can log in to the Kanopy app at any time.


YouTube is a widely known site that is used for watching movies, videos, TV shows, etc. Most of the people have this application in their devices and use it daily to watch silly videos of cats, people, and this app has some of the lengthy movies also, The majority of the movies are B-list movies but, there are some quality problems are hiding in this app.

There are more than thousands of movies are available in this site but you have to search by the name of the movie to get it, they won’t show the movies directly, there is YouTube subscription, prime methods are available in YouTube by paying money you may watch the movie. Finding free movies on YouTube is somewhat difficult because many video owners offer their movies for rent and the live stream of television shows are also available on this site.

The Roku:

The Roku site for watching movies is cost-free at first and now it is only available via the web like the free apps given by the company’s free apps for IOS and Android. There are more than ten thousand movies are available in this site and at first, you have to open an account in this site when you decide to expand the choices, you may get into the premium of this site and watch all the live streaming shows.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV is not famous like other sites but it is still praiseworthy of your consideration. Not only movies for free, but the live streaming of the channels are also available in this site, at present, this site features many live movie networks. This site offers many movies and live channels.


YouTube is maybe the biggest app with more videos but Vimeo is perhaps the best among the other sites, this is a site with a clear layout and which helps to avoid the advertisements and it is more professional and positive than other sites. It also has a premium offer where you can buy the full-length movies and other television shows.