Sound System Installation: Your Options Now

If you disturb your neighbors, know that there are some tips for them to sleep in peace. You should know that it is the grave that crosses the walls and therefore affects the sleep of your neighbors. It is possible to use speakers with decoupling points. The latter has a shape that tapers downward and therefore stops the transmission of sound vibration into the ground. For home theater, they can use programs that can improve the frequency of bass. Isolate your speakers from the ground with thick isolation, thus avoiding the spread of serious waves in the ground. A visit to happens to be effective there.

Optimizing a hi-fi system is intuitive when you’re an expert. However, it is quite possible for a lambda person to optimize such a system by following the advice we have presented. Just a few hours of tuning and you will undoubtedly be surprised at the gains recorded at the sound level. In addition, you can stop harming the sleep of your neighbors, they will thank you.

In the cinema, the sound is spectacular, percussive, and sharp. Music and sound are broadcast by an armada of speakers scattered around the room, supported by a subwoofer that vibrates the room at the slightest explosion. You can reproduce this 360 ° immersion sensation in your living room by investing in a set of 5.1 speakers and a home theater amplifier. Here are our tips for choosing your equipment and for installing it properly.

Why You Have To Think Before You Start

Cinema sound is an ungrateful passion that is not offered to the first comer. For a successful purchase of a 5.1 system, it is better to spend a few hours thinking. Even carefully selected, equipment does not spare all the worries and sometimes turns a peaceful TV party into a random succession of problems. In addition, the best 5.1 sets are stingy in pure moments of pleasure. Finally, the contents are not systematically distributed in 5.1. And even among true multichannel recordings, high-quality sound creations are rare.

Nevertheless, good audio equipment occasionally offers real moments of grace. This is the case when the chiseled sound effects of a sci-fi film blend with the immersive music of a large orchestra. When bomb explodes around the room, highlighting the voice of a panting warrior, almost coming out of the screen. If the efforts to take advantage of these moments of immersion do not scare you, here are our tips.

Prefer a real speaker kit

If the soundbars, housed under the screen are practical, economical and can drastically improve the sound of a TV, the result is much less spectacular than with a real 5.1 audio system, consisting of six speakers housed around the sofa. The immersion is far superior, the sound space is much wider, the location of the sounds much more precise.

Do not skimp on the center speaker

In a 5.1 installation, this is the most important speaker. This speaker broadcasts the voices of the characters and a good part of the sound effects. The better it is, the greater the pleasure. Its association with other speakers must also be cured because it can easily be erased by stereo speakers mismatched. Worn by music, voices become unintelligible. The best guarantee of a good cohabitation? Buy a kit of six 5.1 speakers designed to work together.