Symptoms of anxiety: How to get over it

Anxiety symptoms can be very varied. From classic ones like restlessness, palpitations, wobbling or shaking hands to the less common ones that sometimes surprise you.

Very often each of us experiences a feeling of anxiety or fear in a mild form. In contrast to fear, which is an emotional and physiological response to the expected danger, anxiety is defined as an unpleasant emotional state without a clear cause. You can have a proper idea for the same from the now.

Fear and anxiety are fundamentally protecting us and drawing attention to the impending danger. However, if they become more intense, they are already anxiety disorders. These then affect the daily life of the individual, which is then reflected in his or her partner, work and interpersonal relationships.

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Anxiety disorders are manifested by psychic symptoms such as restlessness and fear, as well as physical symptoms, some of which are listed below. In the context of anxiety, most people are affected mainly by mental health. And while it is quite right to undertake that this is problematic that begins in the mind, it also affects our physical state.

It is valuable to comprehend the wide range of bodily symptoms that somebody with anxiety syndrome or panic syndrome may experience both during an anxiety attack and on a regular basis. Significant that even a lot of physical feelings can be caused by nervousness can assure an anxious person who is worried that the cause of his health problems is something more serious.

Anxiety and its causes

Although it often does not seem so at first glance, anxiety does not appear for any reason. Psychologist believes that the most common causes and triggers of nervousness and anxiety disorders are mainly life in the hustle and bustle and constant stress.

It is the body’s reaction to congestion, when the body sends a clear message stop. Unfortunately, small signals have been coming for a long time, but our reason keeps telling us that we have to manage it, that we cannot rest now, that we cannot turn off now, and unfortunately, the body gets tired and then hits very cruelly. It is only our brain that has the firm feeling that it will be okay. Unfortunately, the body has tremendous strength and it is the body that determines what and how it will be, explained psychologist, adding that another cause of anxiety may be life in great fear, tension, and especially life that is not in harmony with man.

The causes of anxiety often stem from childhood. A child is not born as a clean spotless sheet of paper. Already during pregnancy she receives clear entries into the nervous system. If the mother is full of fear, anxiety, the child is unconsciously accepting the program. This can manifest itself during the life of the child and then the adult just because the anxiety also comes. If a child lives in a house full of anxiety, he can take over the model without knowing what is happening, said therapist, adding that certain patterns of behavior may be passed on over generations. And it is up to the adult to give it a stop or to live in a whirlwind of anxiety and suffering.