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Online Team Bonding Singapore

Virtual Team Building is planning to build a team activity that is always very difficult and it will be placed different personalities and requests. There are many factors that you need to be considered in your planning, such as suitability of team building activities finding a venue, meeting your company budget and schedule. If you want to your colleagues enjoy team building activities have fun interacting with one another. Top 25 unique corporate for team building activities in 2020 with a rough price for each activity and team size will be 5 to 30 pax in Singapore. There are five types of categories for they will Create, Discover, Strategy, Fun, and Fit to guide you in finding the perfect team building games. Make your own bring back a souvenir from arts and crafts to cooking below are Online Team Bonding Singapore activities that encourage the teams to hands-on be creative and learn a new skill.

Let us brief the games,

Terrarium Workshop:

Want to learn more about creating your terrarium eco-system and get bring to yourself it’s a fun and relaxing team bonding activity where you learn the base of creating your terrarium and also decorate them with coloured sand, stones and figurines. Its provide both individual terrarium workshops as well as group terrarium sessions. The participant has good opportunity creations with their colleagues and shares more about why they are made decorates their terrarium jars in a specific way.

Art Jamming on canvas:

It is a good way for the team to enjoy and relaxing time, team bonding with their colleagues. This activity helps to stimulate creativity and helps participants to take a well-deserved break from their hectic schedule work. The Fun empires conduct unique Art jamming offers two different options: Art jamming on Canvas and Art jamming on Tote bags. The team can paint their canvas and tote bags.

Candle Making Workshop:

Create your scented candles that you could place in a home. The Fun Empires candle making workshops. Create your own and decorate them with beautiful coloured sand and as well as a variety of different figurines. Learn the techniques of candle making by melting a candle wax due to the temperature range followed by the design setting and cooling the own candle creations.

Leather Workshop:

Online Team Bonding Singapore

Leather crafts are one of the most famous creative workshops in Singapore among both small and big groups. The fun empires leather workshop participant to get learn the basics of techniques and different leather types and properties. Learn how to trace and but their leather pieces. Participants share the learning types and they are developing the bonding in these workshops. Participants to get the option of crafting different leather products such as pouch for the coin, key chain, luggage tags, and other cool leather products.

Clay making Workshop:

It is more famous in Singapore; you can create any structure of clay figurines you desire. You could create mini-figures for food items such as cake macrons even popular cartoon characters like angry birds, minions, roses etc. In this workshop gives to learn colour mixing using different coloured clay to create their desired colours with the designs.