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Israel private tour guide

Let yourself be carried away by shopping at Jerusalem marketplaces. All the senses will be involved. We advise where and for what to go. Get advice from vendors on how to use the spice. Tips from the locals are priceless. Bright colors, spilling fragrances, shouting voices of sellers, pleasant and almost constant bustle, and those tastes! Welcome to the Oriental Marketplace, where shopping is a treat for all the senses. You will taste Israeli delicacies, buy original souvenirs, and it will be an experience. We will head to the largest market place in Jerusalem, Mahane Yehuda, as well as retailers in the Old City, and explore what typical delicacies and inedible souvenirs can be conveniently purchased. Following the Israel private tour guide will help you a lot.

The most stylish in Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world, you buy at the market. Mahane Yehuda is the biggest shopping center for people of all walks of life, with lively business every day except Saturday. This is what the Jews of Sabbath have a day of rest. It is busiest on Friday afternoons the locals are on a free day and the merchants are cheaper to sell out the last stock.

You can see that the Jewish and Oriental shopping culture is very close to each other at the markets in the Arab districts of the Old Town. The streets of the historic part of Jerusalem are lined with hundreds of shops where merchants offer goods of all kinds. The busiest market is near Damascus Gate or Temple Mount.

Do not leave without oriental spices

At all spice stalls they offer zaatar and turmeric At all spice stalls they offer zaatar and turmeric The aroma of oriental spices will entice you from a distance. Which in a plethora of options to choose? Bet on the local classics zaatar. This mix of spices with thyme, sesame, salt and other ingredients is very popular in Arabic cuisine. Every housewife reportedly has her own unique recipe for mixing zaatar.

Its use in the kitchen is wide: it sprinkles on cheeses or humus, mixed with olive oil, rubs on pastries, flavors salads, meat. Moreover, zaatar has proven beneficial effects on human health.

You can also buy turmeric a golden miracle and allegedly the healthiest spice ever to be used to prepare turmeric milk. Merchants will be happy to help you choose from a wealth of spices. In addition to spices, you can also buy mixtures of teas or coffee beans black and green.

Dried and liquid fruits

At the fruit stalls you will not know what to choose. Eat healthy on local dried fruits including dried melon or strips made from exotic fruits, apples or kiwi fruit without the addition of artificial ingredients. With local dates you can’t step next. Have you ever eaten a sweetened hibiscus flower?

Israel private tour guide

Israel is one of the leading citrus producers, so it’s no wonder you can enjoy freshly squeezed citrus juice literally at every step. Orange and pomegranate juice is popular, but don’t be afraid to try any other mix. It would be hard to find better refreshment.

Jerusalem markets are also full of sweets. On the baklava of all kinds or kunafě prefer smlsněte on the spot, but you can still take the cottage as a souvenir. You will see how many varieties of one of the oldest Arabic sweets are on the market in Jerusalem.