The Choices You Need to Have for the Proper Leadership Training

leadership training

The ideal manager should connect people, raise their awareness and remove the barriers that prevent them from delivering the expected results.Being a facilitating leader is what many companies have been looking for.

The facilitating leader

It is widely reported that there has been a major shift in the predominant leadership profile in companies. This ultimately reflects corporate performance appraisals, promotions and training. Simply put, you can say that 10 or 20 years ago prevailed in managerial positions the figure of the boss. This one had a group of workers whose main function was to make his life easier so that he could devote himself to thinking of the best strategies and tactics to be adopted by the company. That is, the employees worked for the boss. This is where the use of the leadership training comes useful here.

Nowadays the training and promotions predominate in the profile of what you call collaborative leaders. Its main function is to connect people, raise their awareness through constant practice of feedback and remove barriers that prevent them from delivering the expected results.

In other words, he is a facilitator of his collaborators. Organizations have realized that a great way to know if a collaborator has a leadership profile is to seek the answer to the following question: “Is this person a good facilitator?”

leadership training

Developing facilitation skills: Emotional intelligence

It is critical for a good facilitator not to let emotions get in the way of their decision-making, teamwork, or project leadership. If the cognitive intelligence quotient is something that leading scholars believe changes little from adulthood, this does not apply to the constantly improving emotional quotient.

Team Projects

Operational excellence programs, for example, are great ways to develop facilitation skills. This is because your success depends on learning from a group of people who often do not understand the impact of their actions on the work of others, as well as the end result to be achieved. Getting team members to understand each other and working around a larger common goal is a great way to develop their facilitation skills.


One of the most effective ways to develop your facilitation skills is to teach. Spend time teaching and developing people, share your knowledge.

The method of conducting professional training

Participation in professional training may take place at the initiative of the employer or at the initiative of the employee. If the participation in the training courses or traineeships is initiated by the employer, all expenses incurred by this participation shall be borne by the employer.

Regarding the specific form of professional training, the rights and obligations of the parties, the duration of the professional training, as well as any other aspects related to the professional training, including the contractual obligations of the employee in relation to the employer who has borne the expenses incurred by the professional training, they will be you work through the agreement of the parties and are subject to additional acts to individual employment contracts.

If the employee is the one who has the initiative to participate in a form of professional training with dismissal, the employer will analyze the employee’s request together with the union or, as the case may be, with the employees’ representatives. The employer will decide on the request made by the employee, within 15 days of receiving the request.