The medium of Payment in Ancestors Time

Ancestor money

Ancestor money  is the wealth of high-class families that is patriciate, gentry, or linage possessing inherited wealth or a person’s family.

Ancestor money means what?

It is also called Joss Paper and it is a practice that has been come from the west.

Ancestor money

It has different types of names such as spirit money, heaven notes, ghost money, hell notes, etc. Most of the notes have the image of Jade Emperor. In the Taoist pantheon, the Jade Emperor is the Higher God and he is known as the deity of money all over the world.

Was the ancestor money more expensive?

Yes, it is the most expensive than our current currency rate. The ancestral money has more affords than our current currency value. Ancestor money has great benefits and great power.

Traditional money

Traditionally our joss paper was made from the bamboo coarse, even though the rice paper is also used for the manufacture of ancestor money, it senses handmade which has been made out of with many imperfection and variances. The joss is traditionally cut out into individual rectangles and squares. Based on the region the joss paper was decorated with the pieces of contrasting paper, seals, other motifs, or engraved designs and stamps. The types of spirit money are classified into different spirits. There were three types of spirit money they are silver, cash which is also called copper and the third type is gold. The cash monies were distributed to the spirits of the unknown and the newly deceased spirits. The silver spirit money which is known as yin is exclusively given to the spirits of local deities and the ancestral spirits. The gold spirit money is distributed evenly to the Jade Emperor who is known as the higher God and to the lower God. The difference between all the three categories in spirit money must be followed precisely from insulting or to avoid confusion of the spirits.

Kanjin – which is a large square paper along with the rectangle-shaped golden metallic which has been burned for the elder ancestral or spirits and to the higher level of gods.

Jiujiang – which is the biggest square paper and along with the printed angled characters and shapes with the golden metallic rectangle which has been burned for the close relatives and the army officers.

Jingyi –is also a type of joss paper printed with the images of the products which has been needed by the ancestor in their daily life like as shoes, clothes, scissors, and cups that have been printed on the surface.

Xiaoyin –which is a small square paper combined with a rectangle silver metallic which has been burned for the ancestors, close relatives spirits, and to the earth god.

What is the use of burning ancestral money?

It is burnt to send the realm of spirit to our ancestral. The ritual of burning the ancestral money is to provide what they need for the other side to altar them.