The trip to Milan has the power to boost up your level of happiness higher

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Milan is the city which has been situated in the Northern part of Italy. Milan is famous for its high fashion and it is popular for its attractive places. You can able to find out fascinating monument and the buildings that are fully highlighting the beauty of Milan.

As a busy working person, you would not have time for sparing yourself in that place when you got a couple of days to leave there you can utilize in a different manner as you can plan for a free walking tour Milan . The walkabout tour was born up from the group of young and enthusiastic lovers of the city in order to share up their enormous cultural patrimony.

Some of the awesome places that you should not miss it out

free walking tour Milan

Milan seems to be fully filled up with the art of culture along with fabulous cities. The main attraction is the Milan Duomo which is considered as one of the most incredible architectural structure. When you want to see all the interesting places without missing its value, then you can plan for the free walking tour Milan.

When you prefer the free walking tour, it would be something interesting as well as it would create a golden chance for you to know more things about that place in detail. There are lots of places are available for you to see and enjoy inside Milan and few of them are listed below

  • The Massive Cathedral of the Santa Maria Nascente and this place is known as the II Duomo and this place is considered as the world’s magnificent churches. Its roof has been topped up with 135 attractive carved stones pinnacles and the exterior part of the building is decorated up with 2,245 marble statues.
  • The impressive Leonardo da Vinci’s last supper, the main reason why all the tourists prefer this place is to see the painting that is available on the wall. The painting which had already begun to flake off that too before the destructions of the parts of the room which have been left it off that expose the weather conditions.
  • The expressive Castello Sforzesco which is held by the interesting Visconti and the Sforza families that was built in 1368 and it was rebuilt in 1450. The collection would include the Pieta Rondanini Michelangelo last masterpieces.
  • The San Maurizio has been built in early 1500 as the church of the San Maurizio and the entire interior part is fully covered up in the frescoes of the biblical scenes.

Discover yourself inside the Milan

As like this you can able to find out more interesting places where you can visit and enjoy. Through visiting such kind of places, you can able to get a chance for forgetting all your stress and this would pave the way for you to regain your happiness back. If you want any help, then you can also utilize some guide to lead you in the free walking tour.