The Truth About the Immigration Process: The Things You Have to Keep in Mind

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The real problem with the immigration issue is that they are all right. But all this truth has so far led to nothing. On this subject, by now, there are few things left to say. On the one hand there are those who say that immigrants are an important part of the future of our country , that the outgoing migration flows (the so-called brain drain) are greater than the incoming migratory flows and that without the arrival of new workers it will be possible to meet an increasingly ridiculous  pension system.  This comes from the immigration lawyers in london .

On the other hand here are those who say that incoming migration flows are not specialized, that emergency management (which is no longer an emergency, given that it is a stable character of our time) has led to undue gains and that a more rational approach is necessary to be able to create real wealth for our country from this flow (this too is true).

Between these two factions, which carry on pragmatic discourses and reflections, there are those who highlight above all the human dimensions of the question: our duty to be human (beyond the agreements) to help those who are in mare, our duty to remember that Europeans have always been a people that welcomes those who are different and that are certainly not lacking periods (even long) in which the Europeans themselves emigrated to find better living conditions .

Better to be wrong then, and try to change the Mexican stalemate that keeps in check the votes and consciences of this nation that will be so wonderful, but certainly not proactive.

Culture And Work

The proposal is simple. We put immigrants to work in culture. We give them a job in the smaller museums (those that are not opened because nobody goes there), let’s make them do the guides (in language) in the so-called “internal zones” (guided visits in the villages, where people who speak English and French they are very few), we give them a home in areas with low urbanization, in the villages where the demographic dimensions seem a countdown towards extinction.

  • Rather than putting ENIT at the top of the tourism policy lines, let’s make sure immigrants re-write our minor territories. Let them explain to Europeans and tourists why Europe is a wonderful place.
  • Let’s end it, then, with the truths, and let’s try to make mistakes.
  • Migrants, whether they are treated well or badly treated, still generate a cost on our society. In our taxes there are also the services that are guaranteed to them whether we like it or not and whether we find it right or not.

What to do?

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We make them a special fixed-term contract, we give them online courses to learn Italian, and we give them results to be achieved within these six months in terms of knowledge of the language, knowledge of our history, results achieved from a professional point of view (whatever the task entrusted to them). We rationalize spending for these individuals, and put them in a position to produce something for themselves and for the rest of the country.