Tips for Instagram lovers

fun things to post on instagram

Are you crazy about more followers and likes for your post on Instagram? But struggling to get those and lack of idea to make it perfect. You can post many things in Instagram such as

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Exercise or yoga
  • Beauty blogs
  • Cooking stuff
  • Baking [there will be a huge fan base for it]
  • Workshops
  • Travel vlogs
  • Etc

Some people always find some fun things to post on instagram this helps them to get more people to follow them. People always need some crazy things or useful things more than this there will be no other category. A maximum number of people use Instagram for relaxing or sparing time. So if you post that kind of thing it helps you to grab followers easily.

fun things to post on instagram

People’s interest:

  • If you have an interest in blogging then you should go with the people by making them get interested first. This is called inducing.
  • When they get the eagerness to find or know about the answer from your side then that helps you in a better way to get the followers easily.
  • For example, the attractive part of the face is our eyes and eyebrows some people do not have perfect eyes and some do not have eyebrows or excess eyebrows.
  • For first you have to take the survey through your story to them that either they want the makeup routine for perfect eyes or eyebrows.
  • You get the answer from that survey. If it is for eyebrows your first video should be either for the thicker eyebrow people or thinner art.
  • It is not recommended for beauty bloggers to give all the stuff at a single video. This will make you be out of the concept for the next time.
  • Later you have to make the video for the people who need the eye makeup tutorial this way you can attract many followers to follow your page.
  • For the eye, there will be many videos to organize the main thing is that your videos or content should be very perfect and in best quality.
  • If you are passionate about health, gyming, and yoga you have the best chance to get more followers.
  • Because nowadays every people are getting concentrate on their physic so this kind of video and post help you in a better way to get more likes and followers.
  • Daily, you can put the videos for the followers. From the top to bottom of the body routine workouts or some yoga sessions for relaxing the mind and health.
  • Many people are under heavy pressure so that drag them to the depression your yoga sessions will help them more to get themselves to relax.
  • Some people are lazy to go to the gym and do not have the interest to get ready majorly. For those people, your page will surely workout.
  • Along with that, you get many followers and likes on the page this helps to get the blue tick on Instagram easily even if you are not a celebrity.