What are the possible methods that we can implement to reduce the cost of stay?

real estate market

Around one ninety-five countries, every country will be having a major population according to its surroundings. And when the people of the country think that they do not have enough relaxation by living in the country, and then they will be moving to some other countries. There are some different sections to stay in some other country. For example, first, the visitors will stay in a lodge or else in an apartment, then after getting a standard job in the new country they would search for rent house. Not only in recent days from the past days are real estate market  always high in most of the countries.

Which country offers the most expensive offer for renting the house?

We can say that Hong Kong is one of the expensive cities while comparing to other countries in living sections. But still, now most of the apartments, lodges, and hotels look always empty as investments rather than homes. Some records had proved that the average rent in the London city is nearly twice that of London, for example in London the people are asked to pay just two-point two seven dollars for every square foot and in Hong Kong, it gets doubled the cost and stands in Four-point ten US dollars per square feet. In some cases, sales prices seem to have no limit. In February 2019 one of the tallest and best apartments in Hong Kong sold out for fifty-nine million dollars.

real estate market

What are the common reasons behind the expensive?

In some countries, if a visitor arrives and stays in an apartment it is enough to pay just one thousand dollars for a month. And for these one thousand dollars, he would get a separate room with an additional kitchen and sometimes parking space too. But the same in Hong Kong the same person should pay four hundred dollars, even after paying this enough amount he will not be given a separate house, the man should adjust his belongings with some other unknown people who will be staying with them. A maximum number of people do not have separate houses nearly twenty thousand people are living under the subdivided apartments. The government is also coming forward to manage the rise of apartment prices in Hong Kong, but only then they could able to hold on to the prices and cannot decrease the price.

The major reason behind this hike is the land surroundings which means by only half of Hong Kong’s land is developed and the remaining area is covered with mountains. The land this is used to build house and apartments are less than one-quarter. Next, the zoned area is left up to three-point seven for high-density urban living. This is the main reason for to rise in real estate market cost in every country. But one of the advantages in other countries is its land space. When the land space is kept free from mountains then the cost of selling would be average. So whenever a man thinks to get out from their country they should choose only the counties where they could able to find the cheapest rent for staying inside the country.