What happens if the satellite lost its revolving path?


We all know that satellites that are kept for broadcasting, live channels are landed only in geosynchronous earth orbit. Because of the distance between the earth and the GEO is too long. Once the satellites are launched to space it cannot be repaired again and again. If a satellite is repaired once the signal received from the satellite will break so that we cannot see any channels that are connected to the particular satellite. For the 90s sky , TV serves the best broadcasting to its customer. After 2017 they started their service by giving mobile networks. At first, they offered one GB for 10 euros. And 10 GB costs 20 euros this pack has its validity for a month. Likewise, sky TV becomes one of the largest broadcasting and mobile networks in the world. There are around 20 million customers under the sky TV network.


Some of the navigating satellites are also kept in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit. A satellite kept in GEO can give one-third of the earth’s surface. So it is enough by keeping three satellites in three different directions. The satellites that are kept in LEO (Low earth orbits) can navigate the particular place because it is very nearer to the earth. But the satellites kept in GEO have a long view from its position.

GPS tracking satellites are kept in MEO (Medium Earth Satellites). To cover the entire earth MEO needed 24 satellites in its position. It takes about 12 hours to complete one revolution.

What is a communication satellite means and how it is used?

The communication satellites have transponders in it. The transponder help to change the frequency and amplifies the power of the signal. It also removes the extra noise caused by the signal. Each satellite will have more than 20 transponders in it.

How do transponders work?

The transponders kept inside the satellites have functioned with the help of batteries. If the battery is drained by the help of solar panels it will automatically be recharged. The temperature will be higher in space when compared to earth. The purpose of batteries is mainly used at eclipse time. With the help of sensors, the satellite rotates itself to get charged. Sensors are to detect the sunlight.

How the transponders receive the signal?

The signal is supplied from the antenna. The gravitational field in the space will not be the same all time. It differs due to the change in mass. This change in force will push the satellites to form its path. We the satellites move from its path it will lose its signal to avoid this incident thrusters are used. When the satellite moves from its path by the help of thruster firing it come back to its right path. The equipment that is kept inside the satellites works with the help of sensors. The middle part of the satellites is filled with fuels that are used for firing. The movement of the satellites is controlled from the earth. With the help of the tracking system, they receive signals from satellites. These signals are exchanged with each other from the earth station to the satellite.