What is the Reason for Two Factor Authentication

two factor authentication/

Instagram announced two-factor authentication in February 2016, and the security feature was slowly being released. This Thursday (23), the news (which is not new to many people) finally became available to the more than 600 million users of the social network.

The two factor authentication/ creates an extra layer of security to prevent anyone from unauthorized access to your account even if your password leaks, you will still need an additional security code to log in to your account, which arrives via SMS.

two factor authentication/

To enable the feature, enter your Instagram app settings, and in the Account section, tap Two-factor authentication. Then simply check the Require Security Code option if you haven’t registered your mobile number on your account, you’ll need to do this now. It’s also a good idea to write down booking codes in a safe place; they will be used when you cannot receive the SMS.

Two-factor (or two-step) authentication is a security feature on application sites that request your login that helps protect your account for example, preventing someone from signing in on your behalf or stealing your login credentials and password. This feature is also available on Facebook and the recommendation is to enable it.

Instagram improves two-factor authentication after account intrusions

How to recover Facebook password

When you enable two-factor authentication on Facebook (or any other app), you will be prompted to enter a code sent via SMS or another ID authentication app and confirm your login attempt every time someone tries access from an unusual computer or mobile phone (ie not your current smartphone or a friend’s computer). This prevents others from trying to log in to your account as they will not have the code they sent to you.

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When you enable the feature, you can also choose to receive alerts when someone tries to sign in to your account using a computer or mobile phone not recognized by the social network.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook

  • Security Login Facebook
  • Go to Facebook and go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Security and Login” settings
  • Scroll down to “Use two factor authentication”
  • Click “Edit” you will be sent to a page click “Get Started”
  • Choose the authentication method you want to add and follow the instructions


  • They will send a code to your phone for you to set up.
  • Note the final two digits are from the number you currently use.
  • You can change it by simply clicking on “Use another number”.

Authentication Application

  • Set up an app like Google Authenticator to generate codes.
  • Click “Enable” after you have selected an authentication method.

Two-factor Facebook Authentication

You must configure at least one method before you can use two-factor authentication. There are caveats to SMS authentication, prefer to use apps to access.

Now every time you connect from a device or unusual location, Facebook will ask for the extra security layer. Once you have added text message codes (SMS) or a third-party authentication app (there are several free ones), you can also set up optional methods such as: approving attempted access from a device we recognize; use one of your recovery codes and physical security key on a device that supports the feature.