What Makes the vape liquid So Important Now

vape liquid

If discretion is not so important to you, because you use your concentrates only at home or at your friends, the best solution for you may be the so-called portable e-nail. It is a concentrator vaporizer with a water filter, offering a level of experience comparable to large, stationary models. However, the portable e-nail is battery-powered and therefore portable no problem with taking it with you to friends or on vacation. The best vape liquid options are there now.

vape liquid

A small amount of concentrate so-called oak is placed on a “nail” heated to a high temperature, which is a special plate intended for evaporation of the concentrate then begins the intensive production of steam, which the user inhales through the water filter.

The portable e-nail provides sensations much stronger than the vape pen, while the steam is cooled and moisturized, which makes inhalation more comfortable and allows you to take even greater breaths of steam.

The only drawback of this type of concentrator vaporizers is the not very discreet appearance they are definitely not suitable for use in public places because they can evoke quite explicit associations. One of the better devices of this type is Debbie Pro Portable E-Nail, of course, you will find it in our offer.

In recent years, we can observe the rapidly growing popularity of herbal concentrates, which should not be surprising – they give much stronger and faster effects than herbs in the form of dried herbs. With the help of the Tarik + Rosin T-Rex press, everyone is able to produce their own concentrate, safe for health, at home. It’s definitely worth a try.

Let’s start with what a plant is.

It is a resin inside the plant, which contains a significant part of the active substances that determine the power of the plant. By pressing with the right force and temperature, this resin can be squeezed out of the dried material and separated by plant matter. In this way, a high power concentrate is obtained, which can be vaporized with the help of special vaporizers for concentrates or dried vaporizers offering the possibility of inhalation also with concentrates, such as PAX 3 Vaporizer or Firefly 2 Vaporizer.

Main advantage

The main advantage and advantage of concentrate plants over other types of concentrates is that it is obtained without the use of any solvents, such as butane. Thanks to this, both the production and consumption of this type of concentrate are completely safe for health. However, the production of plants with a straightener has a number of disadvantages, the biggest of which is the problem with temperature control. This is where Tarik + Rosin T-Rex comes in handy a small manual press that allows you to produce high-quality plants concentrate in a few minutes.

How does Tarik + Rosin T-Rex work?

The device has 2 metal plates that are heated by the device to the temperature selected by the user. The temperature can be adjusted with an accuracy of 1 degree in the range of 100-150 degrees C. When the set temperature is reached, the user places a small piece of dried (preferably 0.3-0.5 g) or pressed resin between two layers of parchment and lightly squeezed in the fingers so that the parchment clings tightly.