What Specialties You Can Track Down in escape room game

escape room game

You have probably heard of an escape room game from one of your friends or colleagues. What is an escape room, how did it originate and what makes it so much fun? Here is an explanation of why everyone is so enthusiastic about it.

The definition of an escape room

There is no general definition of the term escape room. In an escape room, the door is temporarily locked and you together with others must escape from the rooms as quickly as possible. Usually, this is within 60 minutes. Once inside, you can of course use cryptic clues that help you step by step towards the final ‘key’ or code to open the ‘door’.

Do you succeed within the set time? Congratulations. Certainly, not everyone succeeds because you managed to solve the escape room within the time. Fortunately, there are more and more escape rooms, so you can quickly start doing your next escape room. In an escape room, you are placed with several people in a room or environment where puzzles and riddles are present that you have to discover and solve within a certain time.

Do you still think, yes, but what exactly is an escape room? Do you want to see where there is an escape room near you?

The challenge of an escape room

Getting out of an escape room is often quite a challenge. An escape room asks you to solve puzzles and follow clues or see connections. The better you succeed, the more progress you make and the closer you get to the eventual escape. You experience emotions such as fear, stress, joy, dejection and euphoria, within a very short period of time. Once inside, it’s all over and experiences a whole different world. You go through an emotional rollercoaster, where it is above the art to work together as well as possible with the people around you. These can be friends, but also colleagues or family.

Group composition

It is advisable to enter the escape room with people who complement each other. Because collaboration is a requirement in every escape room if you want to get there on time. You can make a picture of the ideal group composition in an escape room if you can use help with that. An escape room or escape game is, therefore, a great challenge, with which you can start in a live game in a special way.

Whether you want to play an escape room as a bachelor party, with your colleagues in the form of a team outing or with friends. An escape room is a very special and special outing where many want to play the next one as soon as possible after their first experience.

escape room game

History of the escape room

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular: in an escape room you are put in a room with other people and you have to escape from the room based on clues and solving puzzles. This concept owes its origin to old computer games.

Crimson Room from TAKAGISM Inc. Created by Toshimitsu Takagi was released in 2004 and became a hit: in the simple visuals of the game you have to escape from a room using clues and solving puzzles with items from the room is still considered a classic. These games already existed in the 80s, but the final escape room is largely based on this game, Crimson Room.