Your Chances for the Best Legal Support in Car Accident

car accident lawyer

Driving a means of transport involves a certain margin of risk (especially in a city like Rome), even if we are very cautious and we proceed to comply with all the rules of the road code and safety regulations. The risk is always around the corner, and when an accident occurs, the situation to be dealt with becomes heavy, especially if the physical safety of the driver or passengers is involved, or if the damage suffered by the vehicle is significant. In these cases, it is necessary to contact a professional who is expert in handling claims, who also knows how to provide the right support and the necessary legal assistance. You will need a car accident lawyer to guide you in this.

The Best of Car Accident Results

car accident lawyer

The legal firm has the human resources and professional skills necessary to help customers who have to deal with an unpleasant situation caused by accident, whether small or characterized by the presence of more serious damage. Claims management requires great experience and attention, as well as extreme competence, which is why we presume to believe in your ideal partners, they are able to offer you the ideal solutions to solve all the problems that arise after a claim.

  • In the event of an accident, they are ready to help you thanks to our roadside assistance service that allows them to recover the car in a short time and to place it under our protection in order to assess the extent of the damage. With the same timeliness, they can prepare a quote that can give a precise idea of ​​the repair costs, before continuing in a timely and complete technical assistance. They can also guarantee you a courtesy car that will allow you to move easily despite your car being repaired.

Therefore, it is possible to receive a comprehensive treatment, which finds its strength in the support and the necessary legal assistance necessary for a claim, from its opening until the liquidation, so as to proceed without wasting time, for the benefit of the interested party.

The Minor Options for You

When it comes to minor incidents, it is possible to fill in the CAI form (Friendly Accident Statement), in this case, our body can offer you the advice you need for the correct compilation and shorten the resolution time of the matter. It is also possible, again for minor claims, to make use of the direct compensation formula, which can be initiated only after the completion of a specific proxy by the customer and through the use of technological and telematics means. In this way, it will be possible to speed up the liquidation of the damage and the closure of the file.

When serious incidents occur, instead, we are ready to ensure the right support to protect the injured in the best way, and we take action to act in his exclusive interest. They are also available to manage relations with the insurance involved in the accident, to meet the expert for the purpose of ascertaining and estimating the damage. All practices that require very long waiting times, also foresee problems and various bureaucratic hitches.

Turning to the lawyers, therefore, means relying on professional people who can guide the customer towards a rapid and positive resolution of the accident, from all points of view.