Greater Choices for the Best Movies

As many people know from geography lessons, Asia is the largest contingent on the planet, consisting of many countries, each of which has its own multinational culture, external features of the population and, of course, a peculiar language.

However, for a person who considers himself a “movie fan”, the most important feature of the East and South Asian countries is their unique cinema art, a distinctive presentation that created its own, huge worlds, consisting of its stars, music, humor, etc., but at the same time and not without some problems. From you can catch the best options now.

A Whole Lot of Films

Asian films, series and animations are not always perceived as a serious and truly worthy of attention cinema product. Like, for example, a movie produced in East and South Asia, which will be discussed in this article. However, there are some minor exceptions, which even have their own fan clubs in Russia. So, a fairly large number of fans and just lovers of Asian TV shows and films have their own “corners” of complete immersion in Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Hong Kong or Thai dramas and everything connected with them, while not being distracted by Hollywood movies.

  • Such people call themselves “trainers”, even though the word “drama” originally refers only to Japanese television series, and now to series and some other Asian countries. Also in Russia, there are fans of anime, that is, Asian animation, which, due to the unusual presentation and brightness, is perceived by many viewers with restraint. Well, now, after a short introduction and description of some details, it’s worth going through the work of each of the main producers of Asian cinema.

South Korean Films

It will be more correct to say the Republic of Korea, famous, not least, of its kham cuisine and, in my humble opinion, the best embodiment of the whole essence of the drama genre. Comedies, by the way, among the Koreans also come out peculiar. This is the very genre that will really make you if you don’t laugh out loud, then definitely smile kindly, for example: “Two Hundred Pound Beauty” (2006), “Detective Cha: Quest“ Catwalk ”(2012),“ Miss Granny ” (2014) or a drama consisting of 16 episodes entitled “She Was Beautiful” (2015).

  • In such paintings, everything is so sweet, positive and innocent that just your eyes are happy to watch it, but at the same time, the heart of the movie fan understands that everything is not lost in modern cinema.
  • You are unlikely to often hear or see vulgar jokes, rudeness and disrespect for elders, serious curses, or even more so, to see explicit scenes. Even kisses in Korean tapes look as innocent as possible.
  • Yes, there is little passion, there is no this “ridiculous” profanity and more jokes are based on the “mystical” awkwardness of characters, but nevertheless, most of such series and films are interesting to watch, worry about the characters, monitor their fate and behavior, enjoy beautiful songs and see the unrealistically smooth and well-groomed skin of pretty koryenok.


Drama is the best thing about Korean film production. A striking example is the wonderful work entitled “Shut Up and Play” (2012), consisting of a 16-hour series, which tells about a male teenage rock band, their life and desire for a dream, or, for example, “The Mysterious Garden” (2011), in which for all 20 episodes there will be a sea of ​​emotions, tears and smiles from an overabundance of sentimental moments.