Steps You need for the perfect Recycling Deals

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Doctors claim that using a cotton swab is bad for the health of our ears and the health of our planet, too, since cotton and its stem are not recyclable. There are companies that today producing an environmentally friendly cotton swab and their rods are recyclable. So if you can’t get out of the habit of using them gives purchase preference for products that are recyclable. Now you can know more about solvent recyclers with clicking here .

Avoid wet wipes

Another big wasteful villain is baby wipes. Although very practical in everyday life, the scarf you wear for a few minutes will take years to decompose. So use them only when strictly necessary and dispose of properly, never throw them in toilets.

Avoid Use Of Plastic Bags In Bathroom Trash

As stated earlier, have two dumpsters in your bathroom to help you properly dispose of waste. Do not put plastic bags in the recycle bin. It is usually dry garbage and does not have to “spend” a bag just for that. And another tip is not to use plastic bags in conventional waste. The bins can be washed and you can have a larger bag that will house all the garbage in the house avoiding the use and disposal of several bags.

Replacing Disposable Blades For Lasting Blades

Today there are several types of blades on the market. And often, due to the price, we opt for disposable and short-lasting blades. However, if we think about the environment we will see that this generates a high amount of waste. So opt for longer-lasting gadgets and you only have to discard small parts or even electronic gadgets. You will feel the difference in your pocket and the amount of trash.

Disposal Or Replacement

Take it easy, I won’t ask you to avoid using the toothbrush! But today there are toothbrushes made of bamboo that can be recycled. Since this is a basic need product, choose to buy from companies committed to the environment and more sustainable products. And if you don’t fit in, recycle what you can from the toothbrush! In addition to packaging, another solution for disposal is to break the top, where the bristles are, and throw the brush handle plastic into recyclable waste!

Sustainable Products

There are many recipes on the internet teaching how to produce homemade products for our hygiene. Soap, toothpaste, moisturizers, shampoo and conditioner and even cleansers. So my tip is that you try these products and see if you adapt to their use. You will greatly reduce the waste in your bathroom (and throughout your home), will know exactly where your products come from, and will no longer “consume” too much chemistry (which industrial products have). It is all a matter of testing and adaptation. But if you do not adapt, I say again, always give preference to buying products from companies that are committed to the health of our body and also our planet.

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An extra tip that is also worth testing

Today there are solutions like cloth absorbents, absorbent panties and menstrual collectors. Not all women adapt to these products. However, it is worth trying and seeking to reduce the amount of absorbent that is used. Absorbents have a lot of chemistry, take many years to decompose, and come with a lot of packaging.