The Smart Choices for the CBD Oil Treatment


Green is hip. More and more people are longing for simple, natural ways to become or stay healthy. More and more knowledge is available that shows that the path to radiant skin and a fit body starts with your own fridge or kitchen cabinet. You may have heard about healing honey, powerful coconut oil and beneficial ginger, but how well do you know cucumber? Read on to discover how this fresh green fruit can make you more beautiful and fitter. The use of CTFO treatment happens to be essential here.

  1. Cucumber against dark circles

Do you regularly wake up with your eyes open and dark circles? Then cut two rather thin slices of cucumber. Lie down for a while, or sit back with your head, and place it on your eyes. Stay at least 10 minutes. Vitamin K in cucumber helps reduce circles. Afterward, gently rub the area with argan oil and gently tap it into your skin. This stimulates blood circulation and removes the last remnants of discoloration and thickening.

  1. Cucumber in your home-made sports drink

Cucumber has very good moisturizing properties and also contains many minerals and trace elements. If you sweat a lot during exercise, this fruit can help replenish lost moisture and other essential substances. Before exercising, add some slices to a jug of water so that it is well withdrawn if you need to drink it afterward. This way you have a fresh, natural sports drink, which also contains hardly any calories.

  1. Cucumber against sunburn

Sunbathing is naturally delicious. In addition, sun rays help to produce vitamin D, which is important for your bones and your mood. But too much sun is less healthy. If your skin burns, you can get wrinkles and even increase the risk of skin cancer. If this happens by accident, you can help cool, hydrate and repair your skin by placing thin slices of cucumber on the affected areas.

  1. Cucumber against your acne (scars)

This fresh green fruit has many beneficial properties for your skin. Studies have shown that cucumber reduces the production of tallow and melanin. The reason for this is not yet known, but making cucumber slices on your entire face is a good way to reduce your acne. Clogged pore taste prevents clogged pores and results in less melanin and fewer (dark) scars.

  1. Cucumber against the effects of stress

Stress is the order of the day in our society. Unfortunately, it is also increasingly mentioned as one of the causes of skin aging. Chronic stress can cause damage to our cells, resulting in skin irritation and dehydration. This can speed up the skin aging process. Cucumber contains 95% water and can help hydrate your cells. The vitamins and minerals promote recovery.

The surprising benefits of cucumber


Who knew that the traditional cucumber could have so many benefits? Place slices on your eyes, face or burnt skin. Consuming cucumber also makes your skin happy.

Your skin is your calling card, your largest organ. Everything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream within 26 seconds. Have you ever thought about this properly? Just think about it. What do you want to put on your skin, what do you want to get? On this platform we are happy to explain which ingredients are good for your skin. This concerns natural skincare that is as close to nature as possible. We are happy to inform you about pure care products that are really good for your skin.

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