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designing websites

Take on any work. Let it be simple banners and logos, it does not matter. After all, if you start from scratch, then you need any work for the portfolio. And also this is the most important experience that can be obtained only by doing, and nothing else. Try yourself on, look for your own customers. Just do not overcharge if you are not yet very confident in your abilities. If you are just starting to take orders on exchanges, then do not forget to take care and create electronic wallets. The best that you can have for the designing websites is available now.

Learn to communicate with the customer.

To do this, it is better to use Skype. This is necessary in order to better understand human desires. It is important to find out what exactly the employer wants as a result. Ask the customer to show the sites that he likes, and also ask about what should not be. Carefully study the terms of reference (TOR) and, if something is unclear, be sure to check. Discuss deadlines.

Components of a successful project

You can become a good web designer only by learning how to do catchy work. In the pursuit of ideals, it’s important not to go to extremes, so let’s talk with you, what does it take to create a good website? What is he like?

It is intuitive and clear.

designing websites

Over the years of using the Internet, users are accustomed to sampling site standards. This is a simple registration, information about the created project. But since everyone strives for originality, an inexperienced designer can get carried away and create a unique but inconvenient resource to use from a simple, understandable one. Therefore, innovation is welcome the finished project should be bright, unique, but, nevertheless, close to the standards.

He is simple.

Have you ever wondered why Google is so popular and in-demand? It’s all about their simplicity. They speak the maximum user language. Your site should be interesting, but a lot of obscure buttons and options will obviously be superfluous.

It respects user time.

Noticed this, you go to one site and all the pages load quickly, and on the other for so long that you do not want to waste time. Content should be optimized. If you make little less graphic elements, such as video or animation, this will not only speed up the loading process but also increase the likelihood that the user will be interested in your site.

He has feedback.

The so-called feedback is always loved by website visitors. This tool will help you analyze the demand, as well as help you get an opinion on your product. This information will be needed in the future if the owner of this site wants to improve the content or the service itself, which provides customers.

It is filled with interesting content.

The most important thing is the content. People come to the site to solve a particular problem, and in addition to quality information, you need to take care of readability. These are relevant pictures, font, color, text structure, its fullness and usefulness.

How to succeed without special education?

Take various training, web design courses. They are not always expensive, and sometimes even free. But this is always a great opportunity to practice under the guidance of experienced craftsmen in a circle of like-minded people.