Metal Signs with the Best Looks for You

metal signs

In 2020, most customers now rely on the web to find the house to buy, but once they have identified an apartment or an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, they will physically check the conditions of the building, because in any case, the apartment of our dreams can happen who is in a badly maintained building. It is important to be able to identify the property even before making an appointment, the sign in the building is the first thing that allows the customer to identify the property for sale. Moreover, in most cases the first people interested in buying a property are neighbors or those who already live in the same area, just think of how many young couples decide to buy a house near their parents. For all these reasons we can certainly say that the sale sign remains an excellent advertising investment even in the internet age. In the case of the metal signs the options widen.

What to write on the sign

The classic signs are all the same, think of a door where there are more sales, the contents are similar: the agency logo and a simple text with the word “sale X rooms”. Nobody personalizes the sign to make it more visible, nothing that better describes the house: a floor plan, a price.

metal signs

A sales sign, since it is nothing more than an advertising medium, must attract the attention of everyone and not only of those looking for a house in that building. The name of the agency is of little interest to those who see the sign, it only affects the apartment, the information inside a sign gives you an indication of how that real estate agency works ( how to choose the Real Estate Agency? ). The sales cartel can and must communicate more information, if prepared carefully, perhaps accompanied by a plan, it can save you time on unnecessary appointments with customers who have different needs even if interested in that type of home.

To be clearly visible, the sign must be printed on an A3 sheet (exactly twice the size of a classic A4 sheet) and must surely be plasticized to make it water-repellent. As for the content, those who know the strengths and weaknesses of the property must carefully consider what to insert in the sign and the contact information must be clear and visible.

It definitely shouldn’t:

  • Be written by hand
  • Mingle with other signs
  • Being the generic “sale” on sale in tobacconists or stationery stores
  • Contain poorly visible floor plans.

As I said before, the cartel is nothing more than an advertising medium, based on the quality of the cartel it will be good or bad advertising.

Where to place the sign

The law prohibits the posting of the sign to poles, trees, benches or any urban furniture, the only point where it can be posted are the walls of the property. Do not despair is not a problem, rather it is the most effective position. It offers the passer-by a sales message linked directly to the position of the property itself.

Even more effective is the balcony of the house (if the low floor, otherwise it would go unnoticed), which allows identifying in addition to the building also what is the apartment for sale, thus allowing the first considerations on the state of the fixtures, exposure, view. Without a doubt this is the best position for me, thus remaining within the law if we refer to an apartment on the 1st floor or a villa.